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Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012) download yts

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Dominique Swain as Paige Morgan
Jake Busey as Adrian Reistad
Trevor Kuhn as Brian Moak
Lilan Bowden as May Yun
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by J, Davis 4 / 10

Best movie The Asylum has ever made,lol right to the end!

This thing was absolutely ridiculous due mainly to the plot,the plot, & the plot. I would love to know what the writers were thinking when they wrote it and how they thought it would come out on film. Everything that normally should have been right was wrong, and of coarse everything that should have been wrong was right, and it managed to be one of the most humorous attempts at horror I have ever seen. Everything that happened was totally absurd, but in a funny way. The acting was well, good enough to keep things rolling. There were so many WTHell moments,eye brow raising, & oh my's to keep you watching. The last third of it was the best, like when the machine opens & what happens afterward is totally awesome lmao. There is enough cheese in this to feed all the rats in NYC, So if you are looking for a good hilarious, gore filled film that is completely nuts then this is for you.

Reviewed by cjmccracken 6 / 10

Horrendous. Marvellous. Wonderful. Dreadful. Genius.

Nothing instills confidence in a movie like the name Jake Busey. I was no more than five minutes into the running time when I had decided that I had found myself a friend in this film. Busey plays a suspiciously Aryan research scientist posted at a remote facility in Antarctica. A man whose credibility has been questioned by his peers, due to past associates disappearing and his inclusion of flesh-eating bacteria in his backpack. The discovery of a secret underground bunker leads to the imprisonment of the scientists by secret underground snow Nazi zombies led by the White Angel himself; Dr Mengele. Snow based Nazi films and Nazi zombie films are nothing new. We have had a few of them over the last few years, Outpost and Dead Snow being the most notable. With films about zombie Nazis however, one has to bear something in mind. They're zombies. They're also Nazis. That's usually all a film really needs. OK, well not always, but in this case the film errs on just the right side of cheese, making it exceptionally watchable. The gore is present in abundance and some of the scenes are actually a bit on the gross side. Maybe not gross exactly, there's a 'shower' scene which features the funniest Nazi zombie gang rape you're likely to see this year and an impromptu abortion scene would probably raise a few eyebrows should anyone actually ever watch this movie. I would like to particularly congratulate the filmmakers on their use of blue CGI for the explosive and artillery related effects, I am a big fan of blue CGI. This probably dates back to my childhood when basically all movies had blue electrical effects in them. There's some brilliantly evil and gruesome bits as I was just mentioning, but it's never taken in anyway seriously, brains and faces are slapped against the walls with resounding 'splats' on a regular basis. Mengele is great; Busey is fantastic and just when you think it's all going to end horribly in a sea of tedium and tired cliché you are presented with the film's coup de grace. Zombie Robot Hitler. Yes. Zombie Robot Hitler. And his Nazi UFO which is loaded with flesh eating virus missiles. The more I think about the friend I found in this movie, the more I think we should take things to the next level. Find this. Watch this. Don't blame me.

Reviewed by epilfail555 10 / 10

due to the pure insanity and terrible cgi and special effects of this film it made watching it a hoot

The insanity of this movie is just what made it so funny, it starts off with German soldiers wearing gas masks in the middle of the antarctic to a robot Hitler who was brought back to life using a steam punk machine. The film on a whole was terribly funny although I think the death ray was a bit too much, as at this point I nearly died from laughter. The whole idea of this film is terrible as they go down a whole about 200-300ft deep and find the centre of the earth also when a woman is topless and you get told "she's all yours" you don't go and f***ing eat her and take away the one good part of the film away from lonely men and finally I know this is all fake but having a man with no skin and one arm live for most of the film is just insane and then turning it into a emotional scene... that just took the comedy away. On a serious note I would like to say this is a terrible movie with terrible cgi which just makes a grown man want to cry, but if you don't take films like this seriously then I advise you watch it, you will find it very interesting...

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