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Kevin Sorbo as Gojun Pye
Matthew Mercer as Szorlok
Robert Jayne as Peregus Malister
Melanie Stone as Marek
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paladin-70605 7 / 10

Still doing above average work with below average financing!

This film, the second in a three part series, was very well-done and enjoyable. I thought the character development in the first would have done well to continue in the second but there seems to be a disconnect in the relationships amongst the main characters that should not have existed based on the limited information that everybody had - especially at the beginning. Still, overall, a good product but just a tick less than the previous installment. Great acting, good storyline, sub-par CG/special effects (which is to be expected). ARROWSTORM knows how to make really good B movies. Now they have a good enough reputation that I am going to look up by production company to see what else they've put out. Enjoy this most recent installment of Mythica and we all await, Mythica: Necromancer (out this year, 2015, according to This movie rates better than a 4.1 which shows as of the time I am writing this review. Get out of the visual dependency on high-end CG/special effects and enjoy these good stories for what they are... good stories. Be entertained, folks!

Reviewed by Gyx The one n only 7 / 10

A dungeons and dragons fan must see!

Low budget excellent entertainment! I am a great fan of fantasy and dungeons and dragons (the game). Quite a lot of movies were made with D&D in mind. Some better than others, usually on a low budget and sometimes a bit too much wanting it to be "just like the game". This might give you the feeling that acting and the stage feel a bit forced. However in the Mythica series it is not as prominent, although visible every once in a while. But really get sucked in the story and forget to pay to much detail to the low budget scenes and environments. In a way a sort of nice "I could be there" feeling, which I like about these kind of movies. If you are in to fantasy and play dungeons and dragons you will not be disappointed! Watch these movies and enjoy! Don't expect blockbusting setups or scenes but let these actors and plot suck you in and entertain you.

Reviewed by siderite 6 / 10

Not as good as the first one, but still entertaining

The party continues on their quest, this time helped by a dark elf with mysterious markings, while a warlock is trying to beat them to their goal. Unfortunately, it seemed like the makers made a lot less effort for this film, especially in the areas of character interaction and storyline. That's unfortunate, especially since I loved A Quest for Heroes.

Some commentators focused on the quality of the special effects. I don't care about those, but this is an indicator that those people didn't feel the characters were important or the story inspiring, and that is on the script writer. If the story is great and the characterization well done, no one looks twice on the special effects. I think that, while I still enjoyed the film, more effort should be made to make the viewers feel with the characters in a story that one could believe in.

Bottom line: fun film, really inconsistent characters, jumping from love to hate on a whim, and a disappointing and rushed ending that made little sense. I hope the next part will be more engaging.

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