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Uma Thurman as Eliza Welsh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Laurian Diaconescu 3 / 10

Idiotic and annoying. So THIS is motherhood? Come on!

I really disliked this movie, as it portrays an extreme situation, with people who are clearly irresponsible and aren't up to the task of properly raising a child. The husband was obviously retarded and gained a little fortune only by pure chance, which was really pathetic and didn't redeem his character at all in the end, although that was clearly what the directors intended. The entire movie is a confusing and annoying piece of trash. I'm sure such situations do exist, probably even worse, but trying to globalize this as being the usual motherhood is disgusting and discouraging to any future mother to be. I refuse to believe that the characteristics of a modern day mother is being hysterical, bitching, screaming, always dead-tired and frustrated, not to mention the father being a retarded being, showing absolutely no interest in raising a child or helping around the house. Instead, he is collecting old books, based on the idiotic hope of accidentally gaining a fortune someday which, bummer, actually happens in the end. Money clearly wasn't the main problem in this family, it was the lack of communication and team work, which remains unsolved even after the credits roll.

Reviewed by Elfenluna 3 / 10

Motherhood redefines the word 'Insipid' *SPOILER*

The character of Eliza is as thin and see-through as the dress she wears through-out. I am disappointed not only by the poor characters and holey plot but by the portray of mothers in general. Every mother outside of the main characters circle seems to be pretentious and annoying. Scratch that all the mothers in the film are annoying along with our lead who is also sallow and whiny. Eliza complains that mothers are not regarded as people, well if that's the message the writer set out to shatter during the film all she succeeded in doing was enhancing it.

The film does have some positive moments which are quite amusing. But these are drowned in Eliza's petty cry of 'It's so hard being a mummy!'. Eliza's sheer pathetic nature ruins any chance of a creditable message shining through. If the main character had been portrayed realistically it may have been partly salvaged. But Eliza comes off as having at the maturity of a school girl facing 'challenges' which have been blown out of proportion.

What challenges does this women face? A time schedule, a flight of stairs, walking a dog and losing her car. Oh dear poor darling she's had a hard day. Her reaction of trying to run away towards the end of the film is ridiculous. 'My child has the flimsy plastic plates and hastily obtained gifts she asked for she doesn't need me!' Her husband gives her a poor review, if she had previously been a professional author she surely had received worse than that.

I also found it remarkable that with her 'busy' schedule she managed to get take-away coffee, invite a strange man into her home and dance with him and go to a sale. Eliza demands through-out to be an individual not to be seen as just a 'mother'. This is perfectly justifiable but Eliza seems to merely be motivated by selfishness. The cold hard truth that the film hastily puts across is that she cannot be both. The moral I wanted to tell Eliza was that sometimes life is difficult and that when you have children they must come first like it or not. I also wanted to inform her how lucky she is. Her children are healthy, her husband doesn't use her as a football, she has a home and an income.

All in all Eliza needs to grow up.

The film doesn't not show the plight of mothers just the petty cries of well-off white women who have no idea what hardship truly is. I say she is rich because she can afford to feed her children and clothe them, buy things for herself and have a car. Some mothers believe it or not don't have that. I wonder how Eliza would cope handling their lives.

Reviewed by nstanisci 4 / 10

not worth the rent unless you hate children and or motherhood!!!

Adequate performances in an inadequate storyline. The character is like a male going through midlife. She regrets motherhood. Her children are placed in dangerous situations due to her wallowing in self-pity(her son is almost killed climbing out of his car seat and out the car window). The article she is composing, which is not due till midnight, is more important than her child's birthday (which is the catalyst for most of the catastrophic chain of events in here). She asks her husband, an editor by trade, to proof her story. When he does and tells her it was unclear and weak (a critique which is proved to be spot on at the end) all she can do is leave him, the kids, and call him saying she wants a divorce. She is more attentive to the neighbor than her own children. She totally disrespects the confidentiality of her best friend for the sake of her own BLOG site. There are very few redeeming qualities to her character. For the record my wife is in complete agreement here.

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