More Dead Than Alive


Action / Romance / Western

More Dead Than Alive (1969) download yts

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Vincent Price as Dan Ruffalo
Anne Francis as Monica Alton
Clint Walker as Cain
Mike Henry as Luke Santee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Johnboy1221 8 / 10

This is my kind of western.....

The title is misleading (as though it's some kind of zombie horror film), but this is definitely my kind of western. It's dark, sadistic, and action-filled. Clint Walker fans won't be disappointed, and I love the ending. Vincent Price seems to be having a great time in his role, and although Mike Henry is underused, he does a great job with his small, but important role, playing one of the villains. Hampton looks the part, but tends to overact a little (though not to the extent some have said) and ultimately he does well. I would rather have seen a tougher-looking guy in his role, such as Dean Smith, but it's not that big an issue.

In short, this is a dark, action-packed unique western, and I'm delighted that it's now on DVD in widescreen.

Reviewed by rj-27 7 / 10

If you seek an offbeat western...

I saw this film many years ago on TV and have never found it in any video store but would be well worth the rental fee for an evenings entertainment, if I could ever find it. Such is the impression it left me with. Around this time period, the Hollywood western had reached its nadir, what with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid et al, and was on its way out. I can think of a couple other offbeat westerns that appeared around this time, but nothing quite like this. For one thing, you have Vincent Price in it! Vincent Price in a western?! This is not a horror film, but it does have an interesting story line with good pacing, tight direction and an unexpected ending. Clint Walker, a much under-appreciated actor, plays a former gunfighter trying to live in peace apart from his past. Price heads a traveling quick draw show that comes into town and this is where the fun begins. Anne Francis is the love interest, Paul Hampton (whatever became of him?) is very effective as the young gunfighter wannabe. Do not miss this if you get the chance.

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