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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 5 / 10

Fair Amount of Intrigue But Not Much More

This seems to be one of those indies that is built to be intentionally obtuse, so looking too deep below the surface for plot answers will probably yield few results. The noir relies on the intrigue of how it will all play out, and it's fairly successful in that regard, as I see it.

Garrett Hedlund plays the mysterious Tom, who as the film begins is seemingly having some sort of mental breakdown, and drives off into the Mojave Desert. In a chance meeting, he's approached by another strange character named Jack. ably portrayed by Oscar Isaac.

They'll be a violent confrontation between the two and Jack is knocked unconscious by Tom and left by his campsite. As it turns out Jack is a psycho serial killer who has already murdered 7 people in the desert. After Jack regains consciousness, he begins to pursue Tom in the desert, where after Tom accidentally kills a Park Ranger thinking it was Jack.

From there the remainder of the movie will revolve around Jack stalking Tom (who as it turns out is rich and famous) until it will reach its violent mano-a-mano conclusion. Surprisingly, Mark Wahlberg has a supporting role here and offers some much needed comic relief.

Overall, the film, written and directed by William Monahan (The Departed, Body of Lies) offered enough suspense to keep me fairly interested, but it will most likely appeal only to those viewers who don't mind the slow pacing, bizarreness, or surfacy plot elements.

Reviewed by Em Sojourner 1 / 10

Good grief, what were these guys thinking?

I'm rating the first fifteen minutes of the movie. My most crucial question is" "How come a guy with a manbun doesn't have a GPS? What's with the sun-backed shots which distract not only from the potential beauty of the Mojave setting, but from the story - oops, make that hypothetical story. I'll keep watching because I just saw Walton Goggins in tighty-whities and athletic socks, , and I'd watch him eat oatmeal, even dressed in a business suit - but I'm dubious about finding any real depth or dialogue in this flick. There are far too many clichés about the Mojave and so far, I've seen them all - in fifteen minutes. It's time for the industry to stop treating the Mojave as not much more than a back-drop for their Philosophy 101 wet dreams; live in Yucca Valley for a year on not enough money and then make a real movie.

Reviewed by Michael Yee 5 / 10

A lot of (great) moving parts that never quite come together.

Something that looks like a 'film', specifically this term and the aesthetic to which it implies, I feel has come to be expected of contemporary dramas/character studies. Mojave knows it. It looks to tick a lot of these archetypal boxes: jaded, frustrated characters, blatant motifs (the temptation of Christ?), a redemptive narrative, an undertone of despair that never loosens up until the end of the last arc. Yes with all these elements motivating it's narrative, the movie never achieves a sense of coherency; it's Hitchcockian one moment with it's intermittent key score, and then Fincher-esque the next with it's sweeping pans and use of negative space in shots. It's an actor's playground that, as charming and talented as all the individuals are, doesn't leave a lot for the audience to soak in, unless you really, really like angry, shout-y Mark Wahlberg, who is playing quite possibly the closest characterisation to his real life personality in this role. I never fully understood the goal of the protagonist... I guess it had something to do with doing the right thing and his daughter? Too much Tyler Durton syndrome in concepts like these I feel.

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