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Drama / Thriller

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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
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Katie Holmes as Miss Meadows
Jean Smart as Mother Meadows
James Badge Dale as Sheriff
Mary Kay Place as Mrs. Davenport
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zif ofoz 9 / 10

Offbeat entertainment

If you like dark comedy ... this is your movie.

If you like a surreal plot line ... this is your movie.

If you just want something 'different' ... this is your movie.

Katie Holmes as Miss Meadows brings the characters sweetness, vulnerability, and cruelty to life. And the supporting cast is just perfect in their roles.

Not a film for 'the average' viewer! Art film buffs will be highly entertained.

9 out of 10 stars for me because --- there was (for me) a bit of a slow part --- but I still greatly enjoyed this flick.

Reviewed by David Humphrey (<a class= 10 / 10

Loving Miss Meadows

I went to see Miss Meadows - I loved the film for a number of reasons. creepy, quirky, poignant, really funny and atmospheric. miss meadows reached me. Katie Holmes was amazing in her portrayal and one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes is the one about Anthony played by Billy Mumy where everyone is in agreement with the little boy for fear that he'll wish them into the corn field. miss meadows captured that eeriness which I relish but then the raw underbelly of her pain is revealed and with her, writer director, Karen Leigh Hopkins has created one of the great and memorable characters of the screen. seriously. not patronizing. amen.

Reviewed by Knox D Alford III (knoxiii) 8 / 10

Miss Meadows sizzles & pops as a well-mannered teacher/vigilante with a .25 & an agenda

Miss Meadows is a well-mannered teacher/vigilante with a .25 & an agenda. It is similar to a dark Mary Poppins replete with conversations with blue jays, insisting on proper grammar, tap dancing, & even a bit of accordion playing. For me that's where the similarities end & Miss Meadows carves her niche in cult films. This movie was produced by & stars Katie Holmes & cost a mere $2 Million to make. It is an absolute goldmine in that regard. Audiences will absolutely love it!

Katie Holmes stars as Miss Meadows, who seems to bring the 1950's back with saddle shoes, tap dancing, classic cars, classic dress, & classic values. Her past is slowly & deliberately revealed, just as she is methodical & deliberate in her hobbies of knitting, gardening, & being the best dressed vigilante in film history. Her character is extremely well- formed & complex with a mind for deep philosophical thought & extreme literalism in conversation. She is fearless, flawed, & emotionally damaged, yet an absolute delight on screen!

Surrounded by children & a courting sheriff may not be the ideal circumstances for a vigilante to dispense justice, but it only serves to add to the tension & suspense, as you will no doubt be won over by Miss Meadows & root for her success. Katie Holmes becomes her character & even shows she can cry on cue. Her character is in flux with her view of the world as unsafe, yet displays an unrelenting optimism that one must try to do good. Katie Holmes carries the film single-handedly as the drop dead gorgeous heroine who cleans up the neighborhood & manages to win the hearts of adversaries, children, & most importantly, the audience. What a great movie that men & women will enjoy equally! I rate this movie a strong 8/10 stars. The only thing that would have made it even better would have been a strong supporting cast with rounded important characters. But, as is, it it plenty strong enough to stand on it's own.

Knox D. Alford, III

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