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Emmanuelle Vaugier as Elizabeth Reigns
Christy Carlson Romano as Jenna McCarty
Nick Stahl as Max Matheson
Evan Jones as Henry Schow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sgtking 4 / 10

Worth a look at least once

Sequels normally aren't as good as the original film, but often times they are good films in their own right. They can be inferior for a variety of reasons; made without heart, straying too far from the story, or perhaps worst of all staying too close to it. When a sequel is more like a loose remake of the first film it makes one wonder what the point of making it was. The first 'Mirrors' in my book is one of the better Horror films of the last several years and quite underrated, but if a sequel was never made it wouldn't be the end of the world. But it was announced Fox was prepping one for home video, which is usually not a good sign. Once in a while the film turns out to be worthy, but unfortunately in this case it's just another forgettable straight to video effort.

Pros: Some decent performances, some by actors who deserve better material. Good score. Fast paced all the way. Some memorable and brutal deaths. Also the effects, gore and visual, are pretty good. Not a bad twist.

Cons: Plot is just a reworking of the original's. Completely lacking in suspense. Not one bit scary. Most of the characters are poorly developed. Also some of the performances leave something to be desired. Twist is poorly executed. Ending is anticlimactic. Very drab looking.

Final thoughts: After watching this it's easy to see why it wasn't given a theatrical release. There's some good in this film, but it's mired in mediocrity thanks largely to a lukewarm script and a few off performances. It's like they weren't even trying this time and what we're left with is basically a mediocre sequel-cum-remake of a much better and more effective Horror flick. Skip it.

My rating: 2/5

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7 / 10

Underrated Horror Movie

While driving on the road with his fiancée Kayla (Jennifer Sipes), Max Matheson (Nick Stahl) has a serious car accident and they both die. However, Max is resuscitated and one year later he is an emotionally disturbed man with the guilty complex for the murder of his beloved fiancée and under psychological treatment with Dr. Beaumont (Ann Mckenzie). When his father Jack Matheson (William Katt) reopens the Mayflower Department Store in New Orleans, his security guard Henry Schow (Evan Jones) has an accident and Jack invites Max to be his replacement to help in his cure. Max accepts the job and his father introduces him to the store manager Keller Landreaux (Lawrence Turner); the buyer Jenna McCarty (Christy Romano); and the vice-president of operations Ryan Parker (Jon Michael Davis). Max has visions of a dead woman and he foresees the death of Jenna and Ryan in the mirror. Sooner Max finds that he has the ability to see Eleanor Reigns (Stephanie Honoré Sanchez), an employee that is missing, and he contacts her sister Elizabeth Reigns (Emmanuelle Vaugiér) to know details of her disappearance. He finds that Jenna, Ryan and Keller were responsible for a tragedy and now the spirit of Eleanor is seeking revenge.

"Mirrors 2" is an underrated horror movie, with a flawed but good story and reasonable acting. The greatest flaw in the plot is the lack of explanation why Eleanor attacks Jack Matheson that is absolutely innocent. The gorgeous and sexy Emmanuelle Vaugiér has difficulties to perform a dramatic role and keeps her ironical face most of the time. But the special effects are excellent and considering that this is a straight-to-video film, the result is above average. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Espelhos do Medo 2" ("Mirrors of the Fear 2")

Reviewed by (Vomitron_G) 6 / 10

Standard scary movie entertainment

"Mirrors 2" is pretty okay as a stand-alone feature, but it pales in comparison with Alexandre Aja's first film (which on its term was a re-make of an Asain film). This time, the film isn't exactly what the first one was about. Instead they turned it into a 'vengeful ghost' story. Not bad, really, but pretty standard stuff. Nevertheless, we get a couple of bloody death scenes, a bit of nice atmosphere, a dash of mystery (which isn't too hard to figure out) and some okay performances (though no Oscar worthy material, naturally). The over-all end result is just about decent enough. You could do a lot worse with other stuff that's being cranked out on DVD nowadays, especially when it comes to (loose) sequels. Teaming up "Mirrors 2" as a double bill with something like "White Noise 2: The Light" wouldn't be a bad way to spend a straight-to-DVD horror sequel night with your girlfriend.

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