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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
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Jennifer Garner as Christy Beam
Martin Henderson as Kevin Beam
Queen Latifah as Angela
John Carroll Lynch as Pastor Scott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tylervirtual 1 / 10

Please let me explain and do not shoot me down for giving it this.

This movie was horrendous. I understand it's based on a true story but it doesn't work for a movie. The most important thing in a movie is character evolution, changing as a character, and this movie doesn't have that. The movie goes from a perfect Christian family to an even more perfect Christian family. On top of that which already makes the movie boring in my mind. The mom (Jennifer Gardner) cries in nearly every scene she is in. They want you to feel so bad for her all the time and it just gets annoying cause all she does is beg for other people's help and constantly being dependent on her husbands support. She doesn't come off as a good protagonist instead more of a needy mom who needs her husband constantly. This movie also has too many useless characters such as Queen Latifah and the little boy who meets the main girl in the story but he never becomes important throughout the whole story. There's a good movie in here somewhere but they never care to show it and the ending annoys the crap out of me. If you want to watch my Video Movie Review on my youtube channel Go ahead here's a link.

I do cuss a a lot in the video cause I hated the movie but it has nothing to do with being against Christian films cause I actually really like some of them such as Passion, ten commandments, Prince of Egypt, and etc.


I am going to try to make this into a hobby and any feedback is appreciated as well :) If you don't want to watch it that is also fine. I know this is basically self promotion but at the same time you've got to get yourself out there somehow. I'm stressing that my opinion is not biased because I've received enough comments talking about my language in this one video and enough comments trying to tell me to convert to Christianity.

Reviewed by kaylahmcantu 9 / 10

Be Immersed In Film About Real Suffering and Strength

I just saw this movie yesterday and I am a Christian. I think that is important to mention because there will be some people who simply don't like the movie because they don't like Christian films. So here is my honest review: When I first saw the trailer I thought this movie was going to be decent, but not great. I thought it would probably be the formulaic Christian film that most of us have seen over and over again. Most of these films have flat Christian characters put in tough circumstances that never cause them to truly struggle with their faith, which is why most people find Christian films to be unrealistic. This is not the case with Miracles from Heaven.

This film has incredible performances by the entire cast, especially Jennifer Garner and Kylie Rogers. The film perfectly balances the story with aspects of faith. The core of this story is about a mother suffering with her daughter's pain and health. What I was not expecting was to feel as though I was a part of this story. The film immersed me in what it would be like to be going through this struggle. This movie will make you cry in the sad moments and in the happy moments because you will feel as though this is your family. That is why this film transcends other Christian films. The moments where God is mentioned don't feel as though they are forced and preachy. Those moments are carefully woven and important to the family's journey through a terrible illness. It surpassed my expectations.

That's why I recommend going to see it. "Miracles are God's way of showing us that He's here." - Miracles from Heaven

Reviewed by irvinetustin 10 / 10

It's worth seeing

It's an interesting movie. I enjoy watching films that defy the explanation of medical science. There are those that believe science can solve everything and science can explain anything when neither are true. We've come a long way with medical science, for instance when I had my appendectomy 35 years ago the procedure was very different from the one my buddy went through just a few weeks ago. There are things that can be cured now that couldn't be cured years ago. There are procedures that were very risky years ago that are now a lot safer. I'm thankful for all of the advancements in science. However, we still have a long way to go. And it's always exciting when God intervenes and heals people beyond a medical explanation. This is a movie about such an event.

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