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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alex (doorsscorpywag) 1 / 10

All it needed was ....something!

With elements of Close Encounters, ET, Knowing, X-Men, The Abyss and Firestarter we have a near 2 hour bore fest with co-ordinates to nowhere and nothing to do when we get there. Who was the little boy?

Who were the magic people in the sky who have no TV so watch us all the time?

That is the creepiest part of it the idea that some light eyed weirdo is watching you as you attend to toilet functions and such as they have their morning honeydew and lettuce leaf.

The authorities are utterly stupid as even when confronted by the blindingly obvious the best question they can come up with is about how the kid disappeared?

I like Michael Shannon and Kirsten Dunst and the early scenes with them were interesting until we began to reveal what this tripe was about.

So the religious set are satisfied as it's proof Jesus exist, the science boffins now know we are not alone however THEY are a bit TOO close for comfort and who knows what bit of Earth they are watching that affects your night time activity and Internet nut cases can ponder what it means until MS2 appears.

Either we have to figure out a plan to destroy them or they might send another group of pointless kids for us to chase after to absolutely no purpose.

Like that Cloverfield 2 rubbish a waste of 2 valuable hours and months of expectation. I said I would not fall for it again after that Cloverfield lane crap but they know you always will and I indeed did.

They might have nice houses but I did not see any tanks. I recommend immediate invasion and steal their stuff especially any tapes marked 'Animals do the strangest things SE144 Blindfold Edition'.

Reviewed by hutzdani 4 / 10

2 Hours on the fine balance of leaving or staying

Spoilers Ahoy.

A solid movie, good casting good acting and the premise of a good story, some lovely shots and interesting ideas.

However it sits on the line of Jesus this is becoming boring and i'll wait and see how it pans out.

Pans out I should have left, not much story for the audience to stick with and so many subtle gestures and nods between cast members the tread is very very thin.

The idea is interesting enough a boy with unknown special powers that the US Gov thinks they can capture him and use him as a weapon, but no reason as to why they think this.

The decoding of Gov transmissions via satellites to find a location is neither explained or has any real tangible reason to be in such a location as others had been shown parts of the layered on civilization before and not at the special location.

Two hours of not really knowing what the kids power or purpose was all he does some nodding/longing and barley 2 paragraphs of dialogue, stares and vanishes off into this other world he is part of.

There is some average CGI to show off this world for about 60 seconds and SLAM the end.

No reason as to why he needs to go / why he was afraid of day light / why the US wanted him as a weapon.

An E.T idea in principle for the modern day but not very exciting and leaves all questions unanswered, if there is to be a sequel I won't be spending my money on it again. . .

Average movie for a rainy day on rental, worth the cinema price NO, worth the price of a DVD possibly.

Reviewed by Cinnyaste 3 / 10

A Highly Disappointing SF Film Mashup

It's partially the casting, partially the direction sinking this film. Mostly it's a script cobbed together from "ET," "Starman," a dash of "CE3K," the Superman legend, "Village of the Damned," and generic child-in-jeopardy tale. That's the most amazing, and disappointing, aspect of "Midnight Special" - that the creative and original Jeff Nichols wrote a shamefully derivative script filled with plot holes large enough to fly a mothership through.

After a compelling first act, "Midnight Special" turns into a boring chase/race-against-time story of an extraordinary, luminous boy with 'powers and abilities far beyond that of mortal men' sought by the Feds and a cultish church who venerate him because he speaks coordinates in tongues. This boy comes from "a world-on-world" whose inhabitants watch over us. (Given the state of the world, they're doing a crappy job.) The explanation tracks more like angels from another dimension than aliens.

The boy, played by Jaeden Lieberher, fails to create sympathy through all the chaos. The wonderful Kirsten Dunst has never been more wasted in a placeholder role as the boy's mom. Shannon is his hulking father. Edgerton only serviceable as a tag along State Trooper. They dodge bullets on a lumbering path to specific Florida coordinates where the boy has a date with destiny; the merging of dimension X and our pitiful dimension. Other luminous beings spirit the boy away and POOF - the convergence disappears. Big deal! A most unsatisfying and anticlimactic end that does not inspire the wonder the special effects technicians hoped it would despite Mom's mugging at the otherworldly architecture.

It might occur this is a Jesus allegory with a 'birth' of a messiah from common parents. There's not a glimmer of that (save some 'fire from Heaven'). Early on, there was promise of social commentary about our over-surveilled lives. Nope. That's not present either. Also lacking, commentary about people steeping in religious fervor to fill absences in themselves. The church members, including Sam Shepherd, are bland.

"Midnight Special" adds neither subtext nor exposition to a story begging for some. Even the title derived from the song doesn't track. "Let the Midnight Special shine a light on me." Okay, he did shine light, but the Feds - after everyone within a hundred mile radius sees the other world - still prosecute and jail Dad and the Trooper. That we're deaf, dumb and blind in a mysterious Universe is not a lot to be left with after two hours.

Too much mystery ruins a film - the slight flash of light in Dad's eyes at fade out an example. Without context, too much mystery makes "Midnight Special" an uncooked, epic misfire in this dimension or any other. Give it a pass.

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