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Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall (2016) download yts

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Adam_West_as_Batdan 7 / 10

Not as good and complete as Bad 25 (2012) but still good.

Off The Wall is my favorite Michael Jackson album, so when I heard that Spike Lee was gonna make a documentury about the making of that album it made me excited as I thought he did really good with 'Bad 25 (2012)' which was about the making of MJ's BAD album and 'shortfilms'.

Watching it it feels more rushed than 'Bad 25' which dug deep into the whole making of the album where as this 'Journey from Motown to Off the Wall' is a bit more unfocused.

I mean in a way it makes sense that it would, as it not only covers the making of 'Off the Wall' but the first half of the doc also covers Michael Jackson's career from the very beginning of Jackson 5 to the birth of said album.

Which isn't a bad thing but it also has some stuff I didn't appreciate much, such as there is a guy (think he's a rapper) who talks about how the first time he heard 'She's Out Of My Life' was when Eddie Murphy was making fun of him in 'Delirious'.

And then they go into cutting back and forth Michael Jacksons emotional performance to Eddie Murphy's parody and it just didn't sit right with me as I found it a bit disrespectful and also I don't think many people can relate to that random guy's story either.

And although Justin Bieber was a questionable interview-object in 'Bad 25' I think, Kobe Bryant is even more questionable who get's even more screen-time being interviewed here, like what does he even know about music?

I know Spike Lee is a big basketball fan but jeez.

Also feel like Spike Lee himself occasionally forget to just document as he often reacts loudly to what the interview-objects are saying, making various comments. He also takes the time to tell a story of a childhood story, with a very loose connection to MJ.

And a lot of interviews of substance are archive footage but overall it's still mostly entertaining and interesting.

I know I wrote a lot of things about some less good parts of the documentary but there is still more than enough good clips to go around to validate a watch and I actually kind of hope that Spike Lee will make a documentary about the making of 'Dangerous' as well.

Reviewed by jc-osms 2 / 10

Whitewashed wall

If you believe everyone who does pieces to camera in this fawning adulatory documentary by Spike Lee, then "Off The Wall" is the greatest piece of music ever created in the history of the western music. Well, sorry Spike, but thus just in, it isn't, at least not in my opinion. Jackson himself only wrote two and a half (one was a co-write) songs on the record and the rest are a mixture of Rod Temperton original's and errr... off the wall cover versions of songs of very varied quality, I mean Paul McCartney saccharine "Girlfriend", Carole Bayer Sager's bland "It's The Falling In Love" and that god-awful ballad "She's Out Of My Life", by whoever wrote it.

The film purports to take us from Jackson's Motown days to the release of this supposedly epochal album, but ends up by giving us a track-by-track run-through of "Off The Wall" like an episode of "Classic Albums". I did enjoy seeing some unseen footage of Jackson interviews but these are swamped by a host of uncritical, cringeworthy comments by a variety of participants, many of whom I either didn't know or whose relevance to MJ, I couldn't comprehend. Cobey Bryant, I understand is a basketball player but not someone whose opinion on music I'd care to hear. For sheer sycophancy however, someone called Rosie Perez certainly takes first prize. For some strange reason, David Byrne, ex of Talking Heads, gets to say a few rather distracted words along with archive interviews with the likes of Sammy Davis Jr and Gene Kelly. Yet now where are there interviews with the likes of Temperton, McCartney or even Diana Ross. It's all very odd and disjointed indeed.

The movie also glosses over the car-crash that was his acting debut "The Wiz" and also hasn't even got the guts to call out the duff note at the end of the afore-mentioned "She's Out Of My Life". It goes without saying too that there's no mention of his difficult relationship with his typical show-biz father Joe, his own eccentric lifestyle or his future travails in the courtroom.

There's some exciting footage of a Jackson family concert circa 1981 showing him for the great performer he undoubtedly was but it's milked for song after song until its effect is diluted. But when I'm told that a promo video of "Rock With You" is compelling viewing by admirers when all it is, is Michael miming in a spangly suit, then I guess I'm in the wrong crowd. And as for that awful rap performed again by someone I don't know over the end titles, the least said the better.

Listen, I'm a fan of Michael Jackson and when he was good he was utterly brilliant, as a singer, writer and performer. But really there only one outstanding song on the "Off The Wall" album and that's "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" with maybe three goodish ones backing it up "Rock With You", Stevie Wonder's "I Can't Help It" and the title track. I would question the premise of the timeline represented by this documentary and seriously question its complete lack of anything approaching critical analysis both of Michael Jackson and his music.

For devoted fans only.

Reviewed by poicop 9 / 10

Wow! Spike Lee Awesome Work!

This documentary on the impressive, to say the least, Michael Jackson...Is GOLD. Can't help but think of the time and skill at which Spike Lee puts into this needed to be told Documentary on the life of Michael Jackson leading up to his release of OFF THE WALL. The old footage. As clear as it can be. Stunning. The editing is incredible. The interviews from the people who were there, in the studio. To the people who were influenced in and around the time of Michael, and the Jackson 5. I didn't want it to end. And yet, I'm reminded of just how extraordinary of a talent Michael was. And the extraordinary sad events on how we lost him.

First there was the BAD documentary, then there's the OFF THE WALL documentary. I hope Spike is saving the best for last with THRILLER Documentary. But after watching JOURNEY from Mowtown to Off the Wall. That might be a hard order to fill. Please Spike do it.

Two talents...Spike Lee making a documentary about Jackson. Unbelievable. Thanks Spike Lee, and Thanks Michael...for everything.

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