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Hayden Panettiere as Girl on Sinking Boat
Robin Wright as Theresa Osborne
Kevin Costner as Garret Blake
Paul Newman as Dodge Blake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TxMike 8 / 10

Very well-done love story, without the convenient "happily ever after" ending.

I generally like Kevin Costner movies, but had only moderate expectations for this one. But after seeing it, I think it is one of the best "love stories" I have seen. The pace of the movie, and the dialog, are not rushed, some may even say leisurely. But that is a welcome change from many of today's fast action, cut-to-the-chase movies which neglect character development.

This movie developed characters. I found myself really caring for all of them. The dialog between Costner's and Newman's characters, son and father, is very natural and believable. The meeting and getting to know one another by Penn's and Costner's characters is also very natural and believable.

This movie could have taken the easy way out, with a neatly tied together ending, everyone living happily ever after. And I suspect that is exactly what happened. But it does so in a way that gives a much stronger message about love, relationships, and living each day for what it is worth.

Finally, the scenery and photography are wonderful. Definitely one of the most enjoyable movies I have seen. I gave it 8 of 10.

Update 2008: I saw it again after over 8 years, and my opinion has remained the same. A somewhat underrated movie.

Reviewed by John Stein 8 / 10

Allow yourself to enjoy the pace of the ocean in this romance.

The pace is set from the opening scene: the ocean with its consistent but gentle force splashing against the shore. `Message in a Bottle' follows this leisurely pace; it is not in a real hurry to give up all its secrets, but like the ocean, will surrender all in good time. So relax, and allow yourself to enjoy!

Paul Newman (Dodge Blake) and Kevin Costner (Garrett Blake) both deliver strong performances as father and son, initially content, though not really happy in their current existence. Both have lost their love, for one reason or another, and are each other's companion and support. Newman gets the fun punch lines, Costner gets the woman. `If I were about 150 years younger' starts one of Newman's lines – it must be different for him not to play the leading role. Costner seems right at home playing a ship-building sailor who is lost because of his lost love.

Robin Wright (Theresa Osborne) is equally strong, playing an independent and patient reporter, who follows her heart, and decides to find the author of the love letters from the ocean. She gives Garrett distance gently when he needs it, yet pushes back equally hard when she needs to.

Much of the acting relied not so much on the delivery of lines, as on the body language, on looks, on the strained silence between a couple who is unsure of each other, often unsure of themselves, yet strongly attracted to each other.

Both Garrett and Theresa seem to struggle at conversation, both uncertain of how to discover each other, yet each finding an attraction they can't seem to deny. Garrett is hanging on to the love he still feels for his wife, who died too early. Theresa is still recovering from a divorce, and the busy life of a single parent. Neither is sure they can be open to a new relationship, nor are they ready to say goodbye to something that is starting to feel so right.

The photography of the sailboats on the ocean were enough to bring out the romantic in me. What could be a more peaceful setting than a sailboat anchored privately in a small cove of the ocean in the Outer Banks?. We're given just enough peek into the unfolding world of a couple discovering love, without it feeling like an intrusion.

To talk more of the ups and downs would give away too many of the secrets that only the theatre, the bookstore, or the ocean will release.

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