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Reviewed by gridoon 4 / 10

Slick garbage

"Mercenary for Justice" is garbage. Sure, it looks slick, with above-average (by DTV standards) production values, international locations, and some great stunts. But don't let the looks fool you. The story makes no sense whatsoever from beginning to end, and Seagal's ego-feeding is in full-force here (he is introduced as "the most decorated soldier in Gulf War I" - apparently he wouldn't even settle for "second most decorated" - and, of course, nobody can land a single tiny hit on him in a fight, despite the fact that these days he has to send his stunt double to climb over a 10-foot wall). The viewer has no idea what is going on or why, and in a turn of events that shows just how utterly moronic this script is, Seagal and his female partner Jacqueline Lord kill several perfectly innocent Cape Town cops and security people who were just trying to protect the bank that these two were (inexplicably) robbing, yet the film apparently expects us to continue regarding them as the good guys (!!!), because they are trying to save a black kid and his mother. What the hell? Oh, and why does that kick-ass muscular and deadly female mercenary we see in the opening sequence get killed off so quickly? At least SHE could climb over a wall. (*1/2)

Reviewed by tdouangnoy 1 / 10

Absolutely Dreadful

This had to have been one of the most awful movie I have seen in my life. I have seen quite a few stinkers, believe me, but this movie takes the cake. It seems Steven Seagal's moves are becoming slower and slower after each film he makes. He really should start to lay off the Burger King meals if he wants to move two seconds quicker. You will quickly notice his huge gut within 10 minutes into the movie (God forbid should you watch this crap longer than 10 minutes).

The movie starts off with scenes of men gunning each other like they're auditioning for Saving Seagal's Private. The camera shots were terrible. It was like watching a toddler trying to control the camera steady while learning to walk. I didn't quite understand why they were fighting; actually, I didn't understand what the movie is supposed to be about other than John Seeger, Seagal's character, wanting to get revenge after someone used him for whatever purpose the writers threw into the script. Seeger's agenda also includes rescuing a little boy and his mother after being kidnapped by the same villain that used Seeger. At least the kidnapping gave the lead character a purpose to go on his 'mercenary mission'.

There were also moments where you think to yourself "Are you freaking kidding me?" There is a scene where Dresham gets into his car and never realized that Seeger was in the backseat (honestly, how could you miss seeing an ape in the backseat of your car). Seeger holds a gun to Drasham's head from the backseat while having difficulty spitting out his witless dialogue. Dresham signals for a policeman's attention, policeman walks over, Seeger somehow manages to master the art of teleportation, and mysteriously ends up in a van that happens to drive by when Dresham jumps out of the vehicle the split second Seeger disappears.

The acting is just pure trash. I honestly do not know how some of these actors can bare the embarrassment of being cast in such garbage. Seagal's dialogue are even worse in this film. It seems that he's trying maybe a little too hard to be witty by mumbling humorless one-liners. Should anyone find them remotely funny deserves a slap to the face.

I just really can't go on about this poor mess. Steven Seagal should retire from film now and rest in peace. God forbid him to continue torturing those that he call his loyal fans.

P.S. - Seagal, please take notes from Wesley Snipes movie, "The Detonator" At least his movie had somewhat a story to it. And please, please, man hit the gym.

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