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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Memories of the Sword

Who knew a Sword could have memories too. At least that's what the International (or is it just German?) title would have believe. But whatever the title is you are watching this, if you like Swordplay and romance in your Eastern movies, you will enjoy this too. The action is filmed greatly, something we came to kind of expect, this time coming from Korea.

Koreas action cinema may not get a lot of credit generally by people who just go to the movies watching the big Blockbusters (nothing wrong with that, everyone has to have their own taste in films), but if you open up your horizon and don't mind how unrealistic some of the stunts would be in the real world (see flying), than this can be more than entertaining to watch

Reviewed by Rinku Tiwari 8 / 10

Best love and friendship story

While the Goryo Dynasty in the medieval Korea, three warriors named Deok-ki, Poong-chun and Seol-rang have led a riot against the king and his foreign allies from Kitan, China. But Deok-ki betrays them, which results in the death of Poong-chun. But Seol-rang is able to escape with Seol-hee, Poong-chun's little daughter, and her sword. 18 years later, Seol-rang got blind but she raised and taught Seol-hee very well. Both feel that the time for revenge is right, but Deok-ki is now one of the most powerful men in the country. All of them know, that spilling blood is the only way of redemption. This story is heart touching and lovely full of action

Reviewed by shinji-ikari-1 8 / 10

Movie magic

It could be viewed as a Korean take on the great "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" but the movie has enough substance to stand on its own feet. The cinematic qualities are most impressive. Camera work, lighting, never stops to look beautiful. If the Shakespearean drama in the story doesn't put you away, be sure to not miss this one. Also, do yourself a favor and watch it in the cinema or at least from a blu-ray. The visual feast you will be getting is worth it. Just a warning: It's not an action movie. It's much more drama than action and even when action happens, it's mostly highly stylized. As for the acting, Byung-hun Lee is the memorable person in this. He really shines as the somewhat confused villain. Rest of the cast I'd probably just describe as OK. My movie-loving heart was glad I got to watch this and is looking forward to future Korean epics. :)

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