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Alia Shawkat as Dalia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ingrid Naimy 9 / 10

Lovely comedy with a heart

Let's just start saying that I do not believe that this movie got under six stars on IMDb. This is an amazing Indie movie. Starting with the photography which is beautiful and then going to the plot and to the actors. So refreshing... I loved the expressions of the daughters every time the mother, who is a devoted Christian, made funny religious comments. I can relate so well, I am Brazilian but my father was a Christian Lebanese, so I grew up with both Brazilian and Middle Eastern culture and also with the "religious" behavior of my dad. And it is just like that, besides Middle Eastern people are very friendly and warm and what a hospitality they have, but they are also in everybody's business, pressuring and pushing for marriage and education and all families are kind of dysfunctional, it is just crazy and lovely.

Going back to the movie, I thought with was amazing, sweet, beautiful, female power and funny. Love the soundtrack too. The scenes when they go to the "Red Sea" for the bachelorette party are awesome and hilarious.

Another movie, like this is "Caramel", from director "Nadine Labaki"

Reviewed by niutta-enrico 10 / 10

May in the Summer: a Charming Story in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Cinema has changed. And watching movies these days is getting more and more like reading books in the old days. Just better, on my opinion, because images can be much stronger than words. They could have no equal: they can strike us the strongest, give us the greatest deal of immediate informations or go the deepest and last the longest into our brain.

I loved this movie for a lot of reasons. But one of them, apparently, is that it shows Amman and Jordan. I know how this could sound stupid and I know that if someone wants to see images from these places he could just check on the Internet.

But when May arrives to her mother's place and stops to give a look to the city I thought 'So, this is Amman!' and I felt strangely interested: a place we all have heard of, so far, so alien… seeing people living there, having fun, dancing, driving, going shopping and falling in love put all the elements of this movie under a peculiar light.

Anyway, besides that, it's a really good story, very feminine, very human and sincere. Cherien Dabis is an amazing writer, director and performer, all the cast did great and the film is beautiful. Would it have taken place, let's say in Ohio, however, I don't think it would have just been the same for me.

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