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Carrie Fisher as Carrie Fisher
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Mia Wasikowska as Agatha Weiss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mick Dundee 1 / 10

Shocking! Spoiler Alert

Sorry to spoil the party, I watched this film last night and I can safely say it was a load of drivel. If you enjoy watching irritating, stuck up, spoilt American characters in a film with a bad story line, then this film is for you.

To cut a long story short all the characters aren't likable people, so I didn't feel any compassion to their messed up misery.

Havana (Julianne Moore) is the most irritating character ever, end of! Benjie is one horrible spoilt little brat, Jerome is just a fluffer of a character and doesn't add anything to the film, apart from the Robert Pattinson factor for the vampire loving ladies watching. Dr Stafford Weiss, I didn't really see that character because all I saw was John Cusak. I couldn't remember his characters name in the film after, I just remembered John Cusak. A unprofessional hands on/sado/bondage therapist, that tries to pay his daughter to go away. It was just the same old boring John Cusak, Same hair, same look, same puppy dog eyes and monotone voice just older and fatter. Agatha Weiss (Mia Wasikowska) was the only character which held any kind of on screen presence or intrigue. But not a likable character as a messed up arsonist, inbred weirdo. But she did us all a big favour by murdering Havana.

To sum it all up, they are all messed characters up because they are all inbred. (Great storyline) John Cusak was reaming his own sister and his sister gave birth to two nasty little alien looking kids.

The scenes which the characters are "hallucinating" or seeing ghosts of their conscience where poor, they tried to be scary but failed. The one of Havana's mum was particularly irritating and annoying. I just felt like the shocking scenes weren't done very well either

The morel of this story or movie is don't have sex with your sister, if you do you will have a brother and sister that take drugs, hallucinate, bash peoples brains in with candle sticks, suffocate little ginger kids, kill off their parents and get married.

Reviewed by Clayton Davis 8 / 10

Cronenberg ignites a magnificent film with passion and humor...

Probably the weirdest monster you'll come across this year, David Cronenberg's Map to the Stars is an odd animal full of wit, charm, and pure entertainment value. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but for those who love rich and layered characters, Cronenberg takes on Hollywood with zeal and humor. Some may classify the attempt as "mean," but no different from what Martin Scorsese brought to the table with The Wolf of Wall Street, a black comedy with a much deeper message is fully on display.

Bruce Wagner's script is a masterclass of writing. He finds all unique characters within our social existences and assembles them with stunning resolve. It's hard to believe the guy who wrote "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors" could be capable of such a feat. We also get a subtle score by Howard Shore and stunning contemporary costumes by Denise Cronenberg. Not since The Devil Wears Prada has fashion felt like a separate character piece on a contemporary film set.

With no short of brilliance, the entire cast ignites some of their finest and most compelling works of their careers. It starts obviously with another powerhouse turn by four-time Academy Award nominee Julianne Moore. As "Havana Segrand," an actress dying for a big comeback, Moore illustrates her most vibrant and fruitful interpretation since "Cathy Whitaker" in Far from Heaven. Ferocious, daring, and completely involved, there's no other actress like Julianne Moore on this cinematic planet. Too good for words.

Everything seemed to finally click for actress Mia Wasikowska in her most daring performance to date. A ticking time bomb of emotion, her interpretation of "Agatha" is damn near close to terrifying. Robert Pattinson leaves all his "Twilight" days behind him and continues to evolve as a true performer. Cronenberg obviously knows what the heartthrob is capable of as he continues to use him frequently.

John Cusack and Olivia Williams are a match made in cinema hell, which secretly means heaven. Two people who are despicable together, the pair play insanely well off each other, showcasing luscious movements that all ring true. The young Evan Bird will have all of us learning his name by end credits. Lots of child stars make soft transitions in upbeat films like Little Miss Sunshine and Whale Rider. This is a brave and charismatic performance, channeling the aura of Justin Bieber (unfortunately just based on looks) but with tenacity as such performers as Ryan Gosling.

There are some tough pills to swallow during the viewing. There's incest, murder, "mean girl," moments, children dying which has characters happy to see it, it just doesn't seem to end. However, you will be entranced and placed under its spell from moment one. Cronenberg takes on subjects like violence and family with assurance. He's displayed this ability many times over in his filmmography. Map to the Stars stands tall with all the director's previous efforts.

Map to the Stars is not coy and completely confident in its demeanor. A well orchestrated and symbolic film that stands as one of the year's best films. This is Cronenberg's best effort since A History of Violence.

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