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Reviewed by Cameron Austin 5 / 10

Carl Barron is Manny Lewis...

'Manny Lewis' is co-written by and stars the master of stand-up comedy, Carl Barron.

This film does have it's funny moments, due to the fact that they were written by a comedian. Before you watched the movie, you sort of knew that there were going to be some very 'Carl-like' jokes included, and if that's all you were expecting then you will enjoy this movie.

For me, the story is where the movie failed. A rather intriguing premise, but at times the story just felt flat and not as dramatic as it was intended. There were also quite a few romantic-comedy clichés used, and the film didn't really bring anything new to the table for the genre.

Overall, 'Manny Lewis' is a reasonably enjoyable film. It may not satisfy the more serious movie-goer, but will scratch the itch that others may have of wanting Carl Barron movie. Go see the film, and decide for yourself if it works or doesn't.

Reviewed by zif ofoz 6 / 10

A romantic flat-line

This movie is pretty much a flat and predictable romantic story line. But along the way you begin to care about Manny and Maria.

Manny - the funny man on stage before an audience but sulking and reclusive in his private life. Maria - a nice and thoughtful woman that lives a secret 'telephone' life as her job. Manny needs someone to talk to while alone in his hotel room after a show, sure enough he anonymously calls Maria while she is on the job.

As anyone could guess these two lonesome souls unintentionally meet, fall in love, split up, then get back together. Manny doesn't realize she is the 'telephone' girl until she slips up with the use of one word.

The movie is a bit too long and would have more momentum had it been edited with shorter 'happy couple scenes'. Outside of that it's an average romance flick.

Reviewed by a-allada 9 / 10

Heartfelt story by the Barron

Sure it's a predictable Romantic Comedy, but it felt less contrived and more real, especially the first half. It's no Hollywood blockbuster but was such a joy to watch and seemed more authentic. Until the usual rom-com ending but that's always expected so it wasn't so bad. Also, in a way, it was a bit deeper than I expected as it touched on that everyday dreary misery and loneliness and how the cycle can be played out in normal situations. Also on past hurts and how that can create a twist in us, especially when things aren't going are way. Although these weren't heavily explored it definitely added depth to the characters and allowed me to connect with them so much more than i expected. Carl's acting is great and the humour isn't over the top. The leading lady was gorgeous but also played perfectly and not exaggerated and exhausting, but just quirky and simple and although there was no backstory to her, there was enough to care for her character. The music was also great with a favourite of mine by husky in there. Short and sweet, it leaves you with a smile!

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