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Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Yvonne Strahovski as Caroline Crowley
Adrien Brody as Porter Wren
Jennifer Beals as Lisa Wren
Campbell Scott as Simon Crowley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BogdanH 8 / 10

I recommend it

Crime, drama, mystery... no action. Not easy to make a good movie of such genre nowadays. And when reading story-line, one might think "haven't we seen them all?". Yes, we probably did.. but this one belongs to good ones.

Main role suits Adrien Brody perfectly. His "average guy" appearance gives the movie certain authenticity. But then, he never disappointed me. I never heard of Yvonne Strahovski before, though. In this movie however, she reminded me on Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Difference being, Yvonne doesn't appear that cool'n'smart -which is only good in this case.

Story, in general, is not that new. But it has interesting plot, which is presented very good and kept my attention all the time. Now, even this movie is categorized (also) as mystery, I wouldn't say there's any. There are just things we don't know till the end of movie. OK, I admit, I found relationship between Ivonne and her husband kinda "weird"...

And finally, movie ending. In my opinion, it's perfect!

So, if you like this genre and you're in the right mood, I recommend to give it a try. I give 8 stars.

Reviewed by Bob An 8 / 10

Quite good!

The text that was describing the film ( which I read on the net) gave me a totally different idea of what is going on in the film, so I was surprised to see that it was not ( at all) what I expected. And I expected very dark, moody, heavy film with lots of different crime scenes and lots of bodies decomposing and similar. Truth is this is a very interesting thriller with some great scenes, a good story ( though the ending is a bit 'softer' that I expected) and very good acting!

The whole film is very well filmed and acted out. The ' artsy ' elements of an 'on the verge of madness' filmmaker give this film an element that I have not seen many times in other films and it made it even more interesting and appealing.

However, I must say that I was a bit disappointed how the story with the old man ended - somewhat abrupt. Someone who was an enemy because of the bad things he had done to the 'investigator journalist and his family', suddenly just pulls back from the whole thing. ( OK; he got what he wanted, but still ...)

The whole story that is around the blonde is mysterious. Than makes you wonder. And then you have the shocking truth! I really liked how that part of the film was developed. On the other hand, the family of the journalist is quite useless in the film. It adds almost nothing to the whole story. He could have lived with a cat. No big difference to the whole script.

All in all, quite a good film! Eight from me.

Reviewed by Adrienna Zsakay 8 / 10


Like most movie goers, I read the reviews from others before making the decision to spend time watching a movie. And for the small number of reviews (25 June 2016) it seemed worth tuning into. Whilst some parts of the movie didn't always maintain a strong story line it was, in essence, a movie about secrets.

We all have them and to varying degrees we believe our secrets can come back to hurt us. In this movie almost everyone has a secret and depending on what that secret is, depends on the lengths they will go to, to either protect or find out the secrets of others.

New York has been the backdrop for thousands of movies over the years, but this director managed to include and film the city with some very interesting shots.

Like all good film noir it has a surprising and sad twist for the end, except for the very final minutes, when I wondered 'why'. This movie is well worth watching.

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