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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tom Benton 8 / 10

MAD MAX - back and better than ever

After the enormous success of "Mad Max" in 1979, it was predictable that a sequel would follow. In fact, two sequels followed, and the first of these is "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior".

Released in the U.S. simply as "The Road Warrior", "Mad Max 2" begins with a narration re-introducing us to wandering ex-cop Max (Gibson) ... and then we're off. In post-apocalyptic Australia, Max wanders the nuclear waste lands in search of Earth's most precious resource: gasoline. When he discovers a band of people guarding a large deposit of fuel, he lends his services as a driver to help them escape from a vicious group of bandits intent on taking the gas for themselves.

"Mad Max 2" is one of the best sequels ever. It's everything the original was and more. Mel Gibson is great, and the cast performs very well. Brian May's skills as a composer have improved, and he gives a very fast-paced score. George Miller's directing skills have also improved, and he deals us out some intense car sequences that have yet to be rivaled.

This film is special because, although it was very popular when released and is even more popular now, it is unique in that it is not afraid to be just that. If that confused you, let me put it this way: George Miller has created a film that, while trying to improve the flaws from past films, is not afraid to be original and un-Hollywood. And I must say, Mr. Miller pulls it off excellently.

I love "The Road Warrior" as well as the rest of the "Mad Max" series. I would say that "Mad Max 2" is quite possibly the greatest film to come out of Australia. It is one of Mel Gibson's best and one of the best sci-fi films ever. "Mad Max 2" is essential.

Reviewed by TeamRockwood 10 / 10

Not just a mindless action flick

Now I give this movie a 10 out of 10. I used to only give it an 8. Why the change? Easy. I watched the little things.

Those of you who haven't seen it, stop reading now. But for those of you who have...

The first 8 of that ten comes from spectacular action sequences. Anyone can see those. What the other 2 points comes from is the subtle things that director George Miller slipped in there that you would only notice the second time you watch.

Missed by almost everyone else's comments is that "The Road Warrior" is simply a locked room puzzle. The good guys have the gas and want to escape from their compound to "the coast." But if they try to leave, they will surely be killed by the savages waiting outside who only want their gas. Their solution is completely unexpected, yet when you watch it again, it is telegraphed the entire movie.

For instance, when Pappagallo is giving an inspirational speech to the good guys about how "that vehicle" is going to haul their gas to the coast, the vehicle in the background is NOT the tanker, as it should be, but instead the school bus that eventually takes them, and the gas, to freedom.

And what will the tanker be hauling? Notice the day before the escape when Pappagallo talks about driving the tanker with Max. He stares blankly into an hourglass, filled with SAND. He already knows he's not coming back, as his diversionary tactic will surely get him killed.

Anyone who claims "The Road Warrior" is merely a testosterone-laden guy flick should watch it again. What it REALLY is is the tightest, smartest, pure-action movie ever made. No moment is without significance. No moment is wasted. It is a testament that every post-apocalyptic movie is referred to as "The-Road-Warrior-on-'x'." The next time you watch it, REALLY watch it. You'll find there's more there than you ever thought there was before.

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