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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bilal-32379 1 / 10

Scientology Evolved!

The story and the propaganda movie of CIA backed pseudo Islamic cult whose leader controls his brain-washed followers from his cozy villa in Pennsylvania. Just another means to an end for the U.S strategic interests in the Middle East and around the Globe. Gülen, its leader, attempted a most sinister coup in Turkey recently but failed miserably. He has been raising and placing his follower since the early 60s in key strategic positions such as Justice, Law Enforcement, Military just for this purpose while on the surface preaching tolerance and peace among different religions. This movie is probably intended as a compensation for the incompetent coup attempt in 2013. In brief, Scientology or any other cult + Intelligence services' interests. Save yourselves the time and pain of watching this garbage!

Reviewed by Omer Fidan 10 / 10

Living for other what ever religion they are

This is the best documentary i have watched not only because of the director but also the main character Fethullah Gulen is one of the 21st centuries idol.This documentary really explains the Hizmet movement and their ideology.I suggest this to everyone.

Please watch and suggest this to your friends.Especially the best main part is you can live for others and if you wonder how this movement shows good example.

Thank you to the director Terry Spencer Hesser for the amazing production.

She is the best!

Reviewed by fahihim 10 / 10

Love is a verb!

One of the most open minded movement and a movement that has tolerance against everyone no matter who you are, what you do! full of sincere and mutual respect and far far away from political affairs. An a movement that has diagnosed that the cure for a peace world is dialog and tolerance against each other and a movement who has millions of supporters around the world and dedicated to education and democrat life! Long live democracy every where and long live dialog and tolerance around the world and hope a peaceful world for all humanity! I alway think that our world needs dialog and interfaith gatherings to solve the problems no matter who is who, its important to know each other and break the prejudices that is the main cause of clashes in the world we live and our children will live!

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