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Olga Fonda as Russian Girl
Ambyr Childers as American Astronaut Woman
Jasmine Waltz as Robot Wife
James C. Burns as Late Night Host
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Reviewed by ThreeGuysOneMovie 3 / 10

No Love Lost for This Stinker

Sometimes I am like a moth to a flame when I see a poster covered with those awards all over them. "Winner, best international film, Siberia film festival!" I just can't resist checking them out. So, that leads me to watching Love… What a mess a movie. Someday I will learn my lesson. I didn't know anything about this movie but from the trailer it looked promising, even if it did seem to be a rip off of Moon. The premise is pretty simple. An astronaut is orbiting the earth on a space station. There is an undisclosed incident on earth and now the astronaut is trapped on the space station with no way to get home. Sounds interesting right? Nope. The movie bounces between the astronaut and another story involving a soldier during the Civil War. The soldier has been sent on a mission to investigate a mysterious object. Apparently the soldier left a diary that the astronaut has with him on the ship. The astronaut becomes enthralled with the story and with a bunch of old Polaroids that he finds. Eventually due to loneliness and boredom the astronaut starts having crazy hallucinations.

The movie for me was 90 minutes that felt like an eternity. It is a movie that doesn't really go anywhere. It is really just a prolonged music video for the band Angels & Airwaves who did the soundtrack. I would have preferred if they had just done a movie about the Civil War story. I think it would have been a much more interesting film. Love starts off fairly strong and dissolves into a mess of visuals and abstracts that made me understand why I had never heard of this movie. It is just not very good. Listen to the first line in the trailer below and I think you will get an idea of the type of movie that you are in for; "When all that is left is a simple shadow, what will we want it to say?" I want it to say "Pretentious drivel." If you are a fan of Angels & Airwaves then you may get some joy out of watching this but, I recommend everyone else go watch Moon instead. It is a much better film. Love gets 1 guy from me.

Reviewed by Vantec 9 / 10


Solitary confinement aboard a faltering space station isn't blockbuster Hollywood material. Those expecting Bay pyrotechnics will rightfully feel cheated. 'Love' is a film about the human condition, not science, and an unexpected jewel of a film.

Set in the near future, Captain Lee Miller is the first in twenty years to board the ISS space station, assigned to repair and reactivate. Early in the mission all contact with earth is lost after a final apologetic recorded message of 'things going on down here' and advice to hold tight. Interspersed with events from the American Civil War, numerically indexed testimonials and reminisces of random strangers, encroaching hallucinations and madness, 'Love' documents Lee desperately following that advice to the end as ISS fails around him.

'Love' is beautifully shot and beautifully paced. Rare today it treats every character with respect and dignity, always inclusive and never ridiculing. Emotions and reactions ring true. The dialogue is intelligent and real. The score is perfect. It demands attention, setting fleetingly on critical plot elements, not a movie that rewards distractions. A surprise future classic worth seeing.

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