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Reviewed by Jonny Paton 1 / 10

Doesn't do what it says on the tin

Totally misleading title and description.If,like me,you see Ray Winstone and like the sound of the title do yourself a huge favour and steer well clear of this movie.It thinks it's very clever but it's far from it.Actually now that I'm sitting here about to describe how bad it is,words fail me so I'm going to recommend that you watch it then you can share my pain.It's about 90 minutes of your life that you will never ever,ever get back.The acting I can't fault and the setting is lovely but nothing can save this movie.Slow and boringly paced,lack of direction,decent idea but badly executed.I could go on but I have stuff to do for the next couple of days.

Reviewed by peter-martin-899-161468 1 / 10

just awful

I've only just registered on IMDb so that I could comment on this movie. A very misleading video cover, and an absolute rubbish movie. Honestly it would be impossible to write a spoiler for this movie, it is just so awful. It is obvious from the get go that the guy is dead and this is some sort of spaghetti western style morality play. The acting is very poor and is reminiscent of the made for late night TV films pumped out of British budget studios during the 1960s and 70s. I still remember Ray in Sexy Beast - great film. When I saw Ray on the cover I thought "Hell Yeah - this'll be good". It was very dishonest marketing and a thorough waste of my time and money. I read one or two good reviews of this movie and I can only assume that those reviewers are either bots or extremely bored and far too easily pleased.

Reviewed by leonblackwood 2 / 10

Not as advertised 2/10

Lords Of London (2014)

Plot: Unconventional British gangster movie directed by Antonio Simoncini. London gangster Tony Lord (Glen Murphy) is forced to reflect on his past misdeeds when he is transported back to 1950s Italy, where his mother and father originally met and fell in love. Knowing the damaging nature of his father (Christopher Hatherall)'s future wrongdoings, Tony takes the opportunity to stop his mother (Serena Iansiti) from leaving Italy with him and changes the course of history as a result...

Review: It really gets on my nerves when people put a picture on poster to promote a movie, which has totally nothing to do with the film. Ray Winstone is only in a couple of scenes, and he doesn't hold a gun in none of them. Also the whole film is set in Italy so I don't know why they changed the title from Lost in Italy, which was more appropriate, to Lords Of London. Anyway, I found the movie to be quite boring and sketchy. It's one of those films which go back and forth in time, which I hate, and it doesn't really make much sense. After watching the guy wall around the town over and over again, without anyone actually noticing him, I just got bored of the whole thing and I lost interest. The storyline needed a lot more work, but the actors weren't that bad. Personally I thought that the film was a massive disappointment and I was totally misled by the poster.

Round-Up: Ray Winstone is really good when he is playing the old swearing, angry, cockney gangster roles, but he was wasted in this movie. He should have played the lead. I liked the old Italian guy, who brought some light to the movie, but the storyline was appalling. I think that I'm right by thinking that the main character was in limbo, but I don't know why the director had to make the whole think so complicated. If he was trying to be clever with the storyline, then he done a really bad job. Anyway, that aside, the music seemed like it was done on someone's phone, which does start to become a bit tedious whilst watching the film, and the ending could have explained what the hell was you watching the last hour and a half.

Budget: $3.4million Worldwide Gross: N/A

I recommend this movie to people who are into there flashback and forth type of movies about a guy who wakes up in Italy. 2/10

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