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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
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Bailee Madison as Rainelle Downing
Jared Leto as Ray Fernandez
Salma Hayek as Martha Beck
John Travolta as Det. Elmer Robinson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Peter Nomad 9 / 10

Decide for yourself but I thought it was excellent.

I'm losing faith in this forum and some of the people that vote here... How can you possibly rate this film as a 1 or 2 or 3? Each to their own I suppose and for whatever reasoning or motives... For myself, I found this movie to be excellent. It held my interest from start to finish - and the finish was satisfying. Gandolfini and Travolta were excellent as you would and should expect. Salma Hayek gave what I think should be an award winning performance. Jared Leto was also superb... I can't say I've noticed him in anything of note before this. It was also nice to see Laura Dern again - I've been hot for her since watching Rambling Rose : ) All I can say is watch this movie and decide for yourself. I definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by osminbet 9 / 10

Salma Hayek ! in Full Femme Fatale Mode A.K.A Oscar Nomination

Well let me tell you. James Galdolfini and John Travolta were there and Todd Robinson gave a Q & A for about 10 minutes.

The Film:

The film is excellent, the story, the editing, the costume, the cinematography. It is a really well made film. The score was great also. From 1-10 I give the film and 8.

The Acting: Travolta, Gandolfino, Leto and Dern are good....However is Salma Hayek who steals the show. Her performance is like taken from a Film Noir of the 40s. She is volatile, sadistic and evil conniving femme fatale. She scores the best performance by far. Her lines are great and she looks stunning. You actually forget she is Salma Hayek. She becomes one with her character.

My Prediction: Salma Hayek will score an Oscar Nomination as Best Supporting Actress for her compelling and superb performance.

Salma gives a career changing performance. You forget she is the same actress that worked in such films as Wild Wild West and Bandidas. In the Lonely Hearts, she is glamorous. She is truly a "femme fatale." Her character is trying to find happiness, however she is looking for it in the wrong places. From the beginning, Salma Hayek's Martha Beck is powerful, complicated, passionate and SICK! By the time the film is ending, you see a dark, evil and destroyed character, yet you feel her pain. She wants happiness all along, but did not find it.

Best Lines: Martha: Has Anybody Ever Loved You that Much Detective? Martha: To Kill or Die....For You

In this scene she already has been captured and in being interrogated. She has no make-up and she looks evil! Yet mesmerizing. What I think could get her a nomination is that: She is not a leading character, yet she controls the movie. She has the emotional part on her side.

Reviewed by toobisbee 6 / 10

Compelling yet repulsive film

I checked this film out at the Jacksonville Film Festival last weekend, and I've been thinking about it ever since. On the one hand, I can say I'm proud to live in the city where such a brilliantly directed and photographed film was made; on the other, this is a film I don't believe I ever need to watch again.

The performances of all the principal players - particularly Travolta, Gandolfini, Dern, Leto and Hayek - are amazing, brilliant, utterly believable, etc. The set and costume design, and cinematography are by themselves worthy of at least Academy Award nominations. And the story (based on real events, although I'm sure much was fictionalized), is both riveting and repulsive.

Salma Hayek stands out particularly for her portrayal of the seductive, depraved and sadistic Martha Beck, one half of the brutal "Lonely Hearts" killers. She should come with her own tag line, "If looks could kill..." Hayek's interpretation of this character is the polar opposite of Charlize Theron's in "Monster," but no less effective. I'm thinking that if Ms. Theron's work in that film deserved an Oscar, then Ms. Hayek deserves no less for the amazing way she makes her "beautiful butcher" completely believable.

Without spoiling the plot, let me just provide this advisory. If brutal, bloody murders, suicides, explicit (non-erotic) sexuality, and the constant dropping of the "F-bomb" - not in a sexual way - are not your thing, then you may want to skip this film. It's not a date movie or a chick flick by any means, despite the romantic come-on in the title. The film is almost completely devoid of humor; humor would seem inappropriate in this context.

Although justice is apparently served - this is revealed at the very beginning of the film - no one will walk away from this film feeling very uplifted by what they will have just seen.

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