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Reviewed by Myke Tunnicliff 9 / 10

A Pleasant Little Film

Little Fugitive is a pleasant little film set in a more innocent time. The children that play Joey and Lennie act naturally and are light-years away from the gee-whiz-freckle-faced "kids" that usually inhabit films. There is a documentary, unjudgemental feel to the film, with not an ounce of condescension in the whole film. There are very few adults in the film, and when there are adults, they are presented as slight irritations to the children.

The story concerns two brothers who are forced to spend a weekend together because their single mom has to go an care for her mother. Lennie, the older boy, has to look after little Joey, despite the fact that he wanted to spend his Saturday at Coney Island. Early in the film, Lennie and his friends trick Joey into thinking that he killed his big brother, just to get rid of him. Joey, panic-stricken, runs off and hops on a subway (think 1953--Way Safer) and goes off to Coney Island. It is at this point that the film flexes its creative muscles. great b&w photography, interesting angles, wistful harmonica soundtrack, and a episodic, poetic narrative. Watch this film. its a keeper.

Reviewed by Strombol 8 / 10

Coney Island is an escapist paradise

A magical little movie about a boy who runs away to Coney Island after thinking he's accidently killed his older brother. It's almost a silent movie, as the younger boy escapes by playing games and collecting bottles off the beach and his brother looks for him in vain among the endless Coney Island crowds. Not much happens but it's all very watchable. It probably already felt nostalgic to audiences the year it was released.

It's too bad more modern kids haven't seen this movie. They'd probably be able to see themselves in Richard Brewster and Richie Andrusco a lot more than in any of the underwritten Hollywood brat parts in mainstream kid-friendly movies. ***1/2 out of ****

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 6 / 10

Coney Island Odyssey

Talk about a movie with a different feel to it!

It looks like a home movie with real people, not actors. Actually, it almost is that, as these were new actors filmed by new filmmaker managing on a threadbare budget.

The little boy in the film, Richie Andrusco, was the central character and he had never acted before and has never acted after this film! No wonder he looked so "real." Most of the people in the film - at least in the background - were real people, not actors, so you really get a feel of being in New York City and Coney Island in particular in the mid 1950s.

The story is a simple one, about a kid who thought he killed his brother and runs away, spending a night and two days at Coney Island. It shows how a kid that age probably would spend his time at this place. You almost have to fast-forward through a couple of scenes as they go on too long, such as the boy picking up bottles to return for cash.

This movie is real curiosity piece. It's not a film you would watch over and over but it's definitely worth at least one look.

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