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Keanu Reeves as Siddhartha
Bridget Fonda as Lisa Conrad
Chris Isaak as Dean Conrad
Jo Champa as Maria
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nioc 10 / 10

A gentle introduction to Buddhism

This film is a perfect introduction to Buddhism for anyone with his child's eye still intact. This being said, the film has several levels and will reward study. The mythic level has been criticised for its lack of sophistication, but mostly by those who have no knowledge of Indian visual art. Where the film really succeeds is showing the nature of impermanence. Westerners, for the most part, frightened of such a concept shy away from the film for this very reason.

Reviewed by becarooh 7 / 10

worth watching...

This was a very enjoyable movie. If for nothing else, it is worth watching for the beautiful scenes. I was fascinated watching Keanu as Siddhartha. He really seemed to lose himself in the role. I would really recommend this movie when you are in the mood for something gentle, beautiful to look at and at the same time, providing an interesting insight into the Buddhist world.

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