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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by angusiv 4 / 10

Lifelong RT fan and this was just not it

I was very excited to watch Lazer Team, they've been talking about it on the podcast forever and it kept Michael Jones and Gavin Free from a few Achievement Hunter Let's Play's which I gladly dealt with in hopes that something funny was on the horizon for Rooster Teeth and it would all be worth it.

I was a paying sponsor for their website for a few years because I've received so many hours of entertainment from all of the content they produce and it felt like they deserved compensation for all the laughs delivered to millions worldwide.

I viewed the movie on January 28th at a Tugg fan event and the enthusiasm of the crowd was palpable. Many of the die hard fans (which I want to think I am)laughed at very juvenile jokes, or just when anybody they knew appeared on screen. All and well, I nor anybody else can dictate terms of laughter, but I knew I wasn't laughing. They had a few good lines in there that were truly funny, but creating a film, labeled as a comedy needs a bit more than sporadic enjoyment.

Most of the acting came off as wooden, which surprised me, these guys usually do very well on camera. Colten Dunn was his usual self (he's very funny in Superstore) and came across as the only character I believed. Fans have seen this writing team do better and any outsiders will instantly recognize this as a poor effort. Rooster Teeth is usually very creative and funny and this film won't change my opinion of their online content but I will definitely be more wary in the future when buying a ticket or subscribing to any services offering their newer content.

Don't let any of this stop you from watching the movie, preferably in a theater, yes it's out on the torrents after it hit Youtube Red, judge for yourself. It simply isn't funny and no matter how many dollars you donated to the crowd-sourced fundraiser, or episodes of Red vs Blue, or Let's Play's, or RWBY, or Rage Quit's, or podcasts you've absorbed from RT, they didn't bring any of that to this film.

I've read a lot of the reviews for this movie, many of the professional ones are nice and cite the "enthusiasm of the actors" for making this movie worth watching. It didn't translate to the movie I watched and I wish I had seen whatever they did, otherwise they're liars.

Reviewed by LawrenceOfAlabama 9 / 10


I want to start out by saying I am a 45 year old man. This is just my way of saying I don't get my music off You tube nor do I subscribe to twitch for my entertainment. So I should be one of the last people that this films comedy reaches.

However here is the rub: this film was funnier than most comedies of the past Decade. I laughed more during the silly humor of this than at the entire combination of the Anchorman sequel/Dumb Dumber 2/or anything that Rogan has made in the past 5 years.

This film was just fun. I assume that this is in part because I wasn't expecting much. But the plot worked way better than a similar plot that was poised to be a Summer 2015 Blockbuster (PIXELS). This team seemed to genuinely have fun, unlike Sandler and his grumpy little nemesis. As a result I had fun right along with them.

So I guess my hats off to a Team that has a community behind it; and a bright future in front of it.

Reviewed by Jonathan Glass 6 / 10

Enjoyable, but unsatisfying

I had high hopes for this film. Rooster Teeth is one of the best online content producers hands down. Lazer Team was not up to the storytelling brilliance RT (Rooster Teeth) is known for.

The story falls very flat on its face. It was trying to be cleaver but came off as so generic, it was impossible to care about what happened next. The main characters (Lazer Team) are very forgettable. At no point in the film did I care about what would happen to them.

The acting in the film is hit and miss. The Lazer Team characters are surprisingly well acted, besides a few scenes with Bernie's character. The side characters were pretty bad. With the exception of Alan Richson's character, all the acting felt like it was from an Asylum Syfy flick.

The special and visual effects went from bad to mediocre. The alien designs were pretty ugly and uncreative. There were also several points during the film were I noticed obvious green screen shots as well as chroma key errors.

There are a few positives I have with the movie. The jokes are hysterical. Rooster Teeth excels at making clever jokes that hit their mark. I do want to note that I did have an issue with "crotch shot" jokes that happened over and over and over again. The first 3 or 4 were funny, but when it got to 7 or 8 "crotch shot" jokes, I stopped finding them funny. One other positive I had with the film was the picture quality. For a film not being shot with Hollywood cameras, the Red 4K cameras look beautiful.

Overall, I went into Lazer Team to see a great film and laugh throughout the movie. I unfortunately didn't like the film and don't even think that as a movie it is that great. However, I did laugh at most of the joke and I did love the references to many of the Rooster Teeth characters.

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