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Jenna Boyd as Mattie Rogers
Fred Williamson as Warren Hammerschmidt
Marshall R. Teague as Bob Revere
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rosegrl-23708 10 / 10

AMAZING great for ALL the family

As a classroom teacher this story really touched me. It is a great family film for the entire family! I thought it was heartwarming and very surprised by negative reviews. It really makes you feel inspired and very thankful for all the little things we all take for granted. I definitely think it is a film worth watching. On NETFLIX it got one hundred percent positive reviews! I just sat there after the movie reflecting on a lot of things and couldn't help but shed a few tears and have an amazing big smile. Give the movie a shot, watch the entire movie and I don't think you will be disappointed! It is not corny like other family movies it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by doomer-9 3 / 10

Another AWFUL film with artificially inflated ratings.

Honestly, I do not know why I bothered. If you have any appreciation for film, you will avoid this propaganda. Even if you support the message, which I generally do, you should at least give it an honest rating. Rating a low budget, poorly written, poorly acted, poorly directed film as high as Casablanca or Citizen Cane is a travesty. It is just plane WRONG. That being said, how could any intelligent person trust the truthfulness of the film's message if it is so blatantly wrapped in lies and deceit by the so-called "reviewers"? Al Qaeda techniques by those who claim to appose them. I struggled with the rating I chose, because my initial thought was to vote it a 1 in order to help balance the skewed ratings, but I didn't. That would be basically the same crime. No matter how those who falsely inflated the rating feel about the message, as a film it is still just plain bad.

Reviewed by twilliams76 1 / 10

In a Land of Make Believe

Last Ounce of Courage takes place in a skewed, alternate reality where everyday freedoms HAVE been taken away and Christmas is actually threatened by people such as an African-American man from Washington DC (seriously ... the film went there). There is NOTHING subtle about this movie (the "TRUE" patriotic hero of the film has a last name of Revere) and it is comprised of nothing but false talking points that aren't even close to being true or becoming a reality. There are so many furrowed brows on display here the fictional town of Mt. Columbus appears to be among the angriest in film history. It is all balderdash.

Even with these preposterous assertions, what truly makes the film a disaster are the low production values, the over-the-top-hoping-for-an-Oscar acting, the blatant vilifying of select minorities and its sense of smugness that it has throughout for anybody with a differing opinion.

It is either this or a brilliant satire of the fanatical right ... in which case it may be genius.

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