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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

So this is the last of the Kung Fu monks? Alrighty then...

When I purchased this 2010 Kung Fu action movie from Amazon, I had no idea what it was, nor did I know anyone on the cast list. But being a Kung Fu movie was more than enough to catch my interest. And the fact that it was about maybe £2 or £3 with shipping, then it wasn't a massive loss if the movie was not a great one.

And now I have managed to finally get around to watch it, and I can in all honesty say that this movie was nowhere near as good or entertaining as I had hoped for. Sure, I didn't have much expectations to begin with, but this movie still managed to disappoint. And why is that? Well, because of the storyline and the lack of proper acting talent throughout the movie.

The action in "Last Kung Fu Monk" was quite good, and there was a lot of it. And it should be said that Peng Zhang Li does have some impressive martial arts skills and manages to deliver a nice display of his talent. However, his martial arts could only carry the movie so far, because his acting was downright wooden and rigid.

I managed to get somewhere near 45 minutes into the movie before I had to give up out of sheer boredom. The lack of proper acting performances were really wearing and tearing at me, and it was ultimately this which made me give up on the movie. The fighting was good, but it was hardly nowhere near enough to keep the movie afloat.

If you enjoy movies where the main character is forced into fighting in underground fighting rings, then there far better movies available. "Last Kung Fu Monk" doesn't really offer anything which haven't been seen in countless other martial arts movies in the past.

I am rating "Last Kung Fu Monk" a mere three out of ten stars rating solely for the martial arts in the movie.

Reviewed by jackmeat 4 / 10

You can find better fighting movies out there

MY quick rating - 3,8/10. I suppose the fighting scenes were OK but completely unbelievable (and not in the good neat looking wire effects) but overall the story was boring. Same old Asian guy from out of town to beat up the dumb Americans thing. Could be fun but here is some of the worst acting in a long time. I have seen actors that look afraid to say their lines in front of camera, but this movie found EVERY single person afraid to say their lines. This major flaw is coupled with the worst editing possible. Think of how your home movies look and you use the fade button on your 200 dollar camera, that is what this whole movie is for any scene change. It reeks of low quality all around minus Li Zhang who obviously has been trained well. Maybe if this movie was a documentary or based on someone who went through this, it may have been a bit better off, but stand alone fiction, nope, I suggest passing on this one.

Reviewed by thejim223 3 / 10

Watch this film, but only if you are a collector who must see every kung fu movie.

I won't mince words. This movie is bad. Bad writing, bad acting, sappy music and editing that gave me a migraine headache. But, I think the acting wouldn't have been that bad, if they had lines to deliver. A half decent script writer would have been worth his/her pay. The lead, while wooden is likable. He is clearly skilled in kung fu. But again, so many times he looks like he's asking for a line to deliver. The editing could have been done better by a 14 yr old with a macbook. It is seriously bad. Then there's the flashbacks, yikes. This is film making 101. Use flashbacks sparingly, or never. In one of the last flashbacks, we see Li kicked out of the monastery. Maybe I should have had subtitles, because there seemed to be no explanation for his removal. This and all the other flashbacks added literally nothing to the story. They were just 20 minutes of filler. So, there it is. Its not the worst movie I've ever seen. If you like kung fu and like to see the good guy kick the crap out of the bad guys, and you can tune out all non-fight scenes, then by all means, add this to your collection.

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