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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 6 / 10

To live and die in L.A.........

When Hollywood's most abhorrent and talentless reality TV stars begin disappearing only to resurface tortured and bloodied, a white-suited maniac, looking like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, is hailed as a celebrity himself.

While socialites and narcotics taking producers raise eyebrows wondering if they might be next, a home audience, raised on a diet of pop culture, reality TV, and the dream that anyone can be famous, await the latest viral video of the killers masterpiece.......

L.A Slasher, or Abducted, depending on where you are on this planet, tries to be a damning essay on pop culture, social networking, and the fame monster, because everyone at some point wanted to be famous.

And although the film works to an extent, there is really nothing new offered here, as we've already seen the media and public celebrating and exploiting killing twenty years earlier with Natural Born Killers, and the film has an overall Bret Easton Ellis feel to it.

Take away the pivotal element to the narrative, the internet, and this is a film straight from the eighties, from the video games, to the television sets, to what could already be the soundtrack of the year, the film feels a little out of time to have a such a critique in its message, making it ten years prior, the film would have had more of an impact, and a bigger realise.

Like the narrative depicts, the characters are wholly unlikable, so when they get their just desserts, you couldn't really care less. And when we have the public talking heads celebrating the fact that so one is killing these talentless wannabes, you can't help but reference Micky and Mallory Knox.

So all in all, it's not a terrible film, just a little late coming.

Great soundtrack though.....

Reviewed by shawnblackman 4 / 10

Hash tag#Shiny but really dull

L.A. has become steeped in reality TV, corrupted politicians and lots of drugs and one man has had enough. Donning a Michael Jackson type costume and choosing the name LA Slasher he decides to kidnap and torture the celebrities that anger him the most. He creates a Twitter account and tweets all his crimes as they happen(the police don't follow apparently). He even catches it all on a web cam for his website. As more people go missing the Slasher starts to become what he hated most, a celebrity.

The film feels like Scream meets Spring Breakers. Visually this film is awesome like the cool cartoon credits. The colours are rich and several techniques are used to further the visual experience but that's all you get in this movie. There is no real story or any kind of plot.

You do get to see Eric Roberts as the mayor and Danny Trejo as a drug dealer which is the only reason you should watch this one. If you like Andy Dick he does the voice of the slasher. There is no real violence in this one other than spraying blood. He's a PG rated slasher. Personally I think this film suffered from bad editing because there seemed to be scenes missing and whole ideas abandoned. They seemed to have the finances to do the film just no script. You'll soon forget the statement that's made about our Bieber/Kardashian world. So avoid this hash tag.

Reviewed by Nicole of ArchonCinemaReviews.com 6 / 10

Starts off promisingly engaging but veers into boredom in Act II

Death to Reality TV.

I think it is safe to say that humanity is over reality television. Everyone wants to be famous for nothing, but the LA Slasher has something different in mind.

Dressed in garb that imitates the oddity of Michael Jackson, a self appointed crusader against the insipidity of Hollyweird decides he's had enough. Bubbling over with uncontrollable anger, he turns his violent urges to those responsible for today's preoccupation with trash television.

With character names such as "The Actress" or "The Teen Mom" or "The Drug Dealers" you really get a sense that the characters of this film are nobodies, just like their reality show counterparts. This detail is just one of the many subtle ways in which LA Slasher acts as commentator on modern day pop culture. In case you are a little dense, from watching so much junk-TV, the dialogue spells out the film's sentiment:

"Everybody hates reality TV. But they watch it just so they can tell you 'bout how much they hate it. Whatever problems you have, change the channel until you find somebody who's worse off and then suddenly your life doesn't seem so bad, does it? Well let me tell you something: it is that bad."

And who better to voice these disdainful monologues than the pseudo King of Reality Rubbish, Mr. Andy Dick, the voice and man behind the LA Slasher. Unfortunately these meta nods to garbage television end there, as no other humorous cameos make an appearance with the exception of Brooke Hogan. Some C-list actors like Drake Bell, Mischa Barton and Eric Roberts get to make fun of their personas by representing the loathsome reality-TV archetypes.

Based on the context of the film, I imagined LA Slasher to be a comedy-horror hybrid and it is not, nor does it try to be. The cinematography is deliberately saturated to mimic the grotesqueries of reality television and perversities of LA. LA Slasher also gets the soundtrack right with an 80s dance vibe. Midway through the film however, LA Slasher starts to lose its edge as it veers too far into the absorption of entertainment news with reality-TV and borders on monotonous when a change of pace was desperately needed.

Perhaps it would have been more successful if it tried to blur the line more into horror, but then again, perhaps that added burden would have doomed the film to certain failure. Regardless, I'm a sucker for this type of film and LA Slasher has humor, smarts, a cohesive plot, interesting dialogue and a unique point of view.

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