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Reviewed by Kristen Kallahan 8 / 10

Surprisingly Funny

From the title I expected an idiot-teen comedy, but it was quite a grown-up comedy. I envision teen boys liking the first 10 minutes (a chubby slacker gets to nail a hot chick after meeting her in a bar), then fleeing when the movie gets into REAL "adult themes". Uh-oh. She's pregnant. Now what happens?

This movie kept the audience laughing throughout. Most comedies tend to fall apart part-way through, but this one kept the laughs going. It constantly surprises and never settles for the clichéd joke.

There's more sex and nudity in this movie than you usually see in comedies, but it just makes the comedy more real. It's real -- so it's real funny. We've all found ourselves in awkward, yet hilarious, sexual situations like this. (Well, if you're lucky!)

All the actors are comedy experts -- many of them from Judd Apatow's other ventures: "Undeclared" and "Freaks and Geeks". Steve Carell, star of Judd's "40 Year Old Virgin" has a cameo. As does Ryan Seacrest who plays himself as a total asshole. (Makes you wonder why he agreed to do this.) Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader from SNL are great in their small roles.

Seth Rogan at first glance seems an unlikely leading man. But as the movie goes on, you grow to like him more. We see what the girl comes to see in him: he's funny and supportive and has a loving heart.

She's a 10 and he's a 5, so at first you don't think they could make it as a couple, but looks can be deceiving.

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan at Cirque d'Soleil in an altered state is a hilarious scene. (That's how Cirque makes me feel when I see it anyway! Like a bad trip.)

Reviewed by pookey56 1 / 10

knuckled under

I was uncomfortable through out this film, having to watch stereotype after stereotype, mean-spirited "jokes" and juvenile toilet humour. Let's look at the good:

Leslie Mann: Her shallow, annoying character was played very well by Ms. Mann; and by the end, she was even somewhat sympathetic. Harold Ramis: His two-minute scene was the ONLY truly likable character in this entire film. I loved him. Paul Rudd: Despite his woe-begone fatalistically brow-beaten character, Rudd was genuinely good. Too bad his character was "resigned" to what looked like a life not worth living.

The Bad:

The jab at a guy like Stephen Hawking. Yeah; this film sinks that low. The stereotype that "pot-heads" are all unemployed, long-haired dopes with prurient life goals; think again... Heigl with Rogen's character? No way. This is a guy who grabbed his BONG during an earthquake without a thought to her safety. I could relate to her exasperation with Ben and his friends...but ending up with him? Sure....

The conversations about Munich were very insensitive; but then, this entire film was, so at least it was consistent. Endorsing De Beers?? The toilet humour..really. The reference to a woman's anatomy using the C-word, more than once, is misogynistic and really dumb. The kids, played by Apatows daughters, were cute; but I felt like they were being exploited. "I googled murder" today? Lovely. That list with the Canadian Beavers, headed by Pamela Anderson, Lolita Davidovich, Natasha Henstridge, and another woman, wasn't funny for me.

Even the second bar scene, where Mann and Heigl, who had previously pushed their way to the front of the line without a thought to "the ugly people" waiting in line, didn't play out as sympathetic at all. We are suppose to laugh at a situation where, they are now barred from line-jumping because Heigl is pregnant and Mann is "too old"? And the 5% quota for certain races? I felt sick.

This film wasn't completely unfunny. Some of the scenes with the Hollywood execs. played quite well by Kristin Wiig and Alan Tudyk, were humorous. "This is Hollywood. We don't like liars here...".

Even the title of this film is offensive to me. I went because I loved The 40-yr Old Virgin, and because it was reviewing very very well across the board. Instead, what I saw was a crass piece of work that has been done many times before, by a director who is capable of much much better. If I were ever trapped with these characters, I would smile feebly and back out of the room asap.

What scares me is how popular this film is. What does that say about us? Maybe, this film isn't that influential in the long run. But it definitely reflects the taste rampant in the throngs of people lining up to see this horrible film, for a SECOND time, and declaring it the funniest "comedy" they've ever seen.

I don't think so.

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