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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
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Keanu Reeves as Evan Webber
Lorenza Izzo as Genesis
Colleen Camp as Vivian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ILYA KUTUZOV 7 / 10

I want a revenge sequel

I loved Eli Roth immediately after Hostel 1. I knew this man can deal with human nature. I follow his work since then. This feature shows a man taken at his soft spot when he was not expecting any trouble. Sometimes people give in to temptations of much lesser magnitude. He made a wrong decision, he got what was coming. But the ending! Imagine he is an idiot and cannot explain his wife that he was attacked and framed. Imagine his wife is an idiot, did not believe him, took the kids and divorced him. That would be the suggested ending, won't it. What seems to be a moral story leaves an unfinished business. I want to see the architect taking cold revenge. Track down the ladies, think a little, and turn their lives into a living hell. They'd played their game and had had their fun on account of the architect and other people; now they have it coming. Give us the revenge sequel!

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 7 / 10

A morbid psychosexual thriller that flirts with both silliness and cinematic greatness.

After skimming through some of these reviews, I'm not sure what people were expecting from Knock Knock. It plays out like a cross between No Good Deed and The Loved Ones. The story isn't original of course but this is Eli Roth's take on a home invasion thriller and it's refreshingly sadistic. Two strangers knock on Keanu Reeves' door, he invites them in, their sociopathic tendencies start to peek through, and things escalate from there. The acting is largely impressive. Keanu comes across as silly at times but, for the most part, he fits the part of the innocent dad and he bounces off the chemistry of the two female leads very well.

Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas really make this movie what it is. They have palpable charisma, and they provide Reeves excellent scenarios to react to. The dialogue could sound outlandish and childish if read in a different context, but Izzo and de Armas pull it all off with a straight face and their character's intentions progress to the downright sinister. It's actually interesting subject matter, and Roth does have something to say with this film, and I believe he accomplishes it elegantly with as little blood as possible.

Knock Knock is not perfect - it goes on for a few minutes too long and sometimes Reeves reads lines as if he'd just shot up heroin, but it's intriguing and truly captivating once it gets going and becomes a psychological horror house in its finest moments. Callously covering up a dead body with papier-mâché? That's chilling. Being buried alive? Macabre. It's nice to see Roth hasn't lost his touch, and the humor is definitely there intentional or not. I highly recommend this movie to fans of home invasion thrillers. Just don't go in expecting a polished masterpiece; Knock Knock is depraved, raw and filthy in the best ways possible.

Reviewed by Ben McMaster 1 / 10

Words haven't been invented to describe this film

After spending a Saturday night watching a film I've been looking forward to see since I first saw the trailer, honestly I feel robbed of an hour and a half I'll never get back. This movie was nothing but a let down. To call this film a horror is like calling Spongebob Squarepants and Thomas the tank engine both horror programs.

You cannot tell the difference between normal Keanu Reeves and tied up petrified Keanu Reeves, it all sounded the same. Whenever he shouted it reminded me of the best cry ever/worst cry ever video in YouTube.

Overall this movie was a huge let down, very good idea for a film but a horrific execution. Save yourself a tenner and buy yourself a Chinese instead of a ticket!

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