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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
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Lena Headey as Lunafreya Nox Fleuret
Aaron Paul as Nyx Ulric
Sean Bean as Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII
Todd Haberkorn as Luche Lazarus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by macorinu 10 / 10

Perfect Fantasy!

※I saw Japanese dub version.

Uncompromised graphic makes you feel that the world is really exist.

Combination of magical fantasy and 21st century earth is very simple to understand the world and people. So you can concentrate to enjoy the action and story. You don't have to have any knowledge of Final Fantasy game.

Action sequence is EPIC! Warp action is very new and SUPER COOL! You never saw this kind of battle before. I believe that Hollywood is going to use this action idea in many hero movie within few years.

Storyline is touching. Some Japanese audiences shed tears as I did. Every characters are so impressive and feel be detailed. It's not happy ending. But it makes you want to go to adventurous trip to save the world.

Trailer is just an introduction. I strongly hope every fantasy movie fans have chance to watch this in big theater.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 7 / 10

"Kingsglaive" creates a gateway for fans and audience into its visually fantastic world, yet the muddled plot can be exhausting despite the effort to make it accessible.

There's no denying the graphical barrage "Kingsglaive" constantly throws for nearly two hours is brazenly stunning. The vistas are absolutely marvelous, its characters look eerily lively and the fights are utterly unworldly. With all of these mighty productions, it's still vexed by occasional choppy pace and sporadic hop in screenplay.

The story is delivered in a sci-fi fantasy realm. It's a very politically focused tale and it does try to deliver many subplots and characters, no doubt a foundation for the game's world and its splendor. The problem lies as it often skips from one scene abruptly without giving the audience much sense for the flow of time or the clarity of vital motivation. It's all dramatic in presentation, yet it can feel a bit muddled, more so since it's quite the lengthy showing.

Characters are relatively well done, especially the ones with famous names. Usually the dubbing in English for such production looks jarring, but here Lena Headley's or Aaron Paul's voice is implemented properly. The lip sync is fine and there's a boon on having fantasy oriented voice for the cast. A minor flaw would be the dialogues or sound effect don't convey the sense of urgency at times, but it's mostly understandable.

The visual ramps up as the battles progress. These are very hectic occurrences, the fast cut can leave audience wandering on what transpires on the screen since there are many effects and motions cramped into brief composition of scenes. However, when it retains the focus or follows the action, it is arguably one of the most eye-popping spectacles from animated movie.

The sheer graphical prowess produces an entirely captivating world, even though it stumbles on overly complex narrative or overly fast editing.

Reviewed by hsolaequi 9 / 10

Worth the wait

Let us be frank, for a moment. Square Enix had been in a funk for some time. It seemed as though their golden era was long gone, and in was mediocrity. Then the buzz began anew, and with the reworking of their most famous title, they also blew the dust off of FFXV. I am happy to see that they have done so, and to get everyone into a frenzy gave us a movie.

Now, the critics aren't happy with the movie because they don't quite understand. They don't understand that we have been waiting for about a decade to see the swords that can move you from one place to another (funny enough I used tel word and it is telling me it is a prohibited word... What did that word ever do to you?) the crystal that protects all, and a little glimpse into the world of FFXV.

To those who have waited, this was exactly what we wanted.

The graphics, stunning. The music, breathtaking. I don't think a single person didn't let out a slight gasp as Somnus Nemorus (the track originally released with the original trailer) began to play in the background at the gala. You knew at that moment that the dark, grittiness we were promised would be delivered.

The monsters were all noticeable: a behemoth, Crazy Eyes, a Ultros, and the mother of all monsters that anyone who has ever played Final Fantasy VII would immediately know as Diamond Weapon.

Yeah. You know things are going down when you have Diamond Weapon unleashed in the middle of a city.

So, yeah. I got my money's worth. I went in expecting exactly what I got. Was the story perfect? No, but it isn't supposed to be. It is a gateway into the world we have waited for, a way to whet our appetite and give us the strength to wait just a little longer.

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