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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sezbo Brown 1 / 10

If you've had an abortion you're going to hell.

I give this movie props for trying to make unusual demon creatures. They were kinda creepy looking and it was a refreshing look. That's about it. I personally think this Movie was made by a pack of hardcore Christian anti Abortionists?. To even comprehend that you can get 'redemption' for being a hardcore Pedophile or pushing your daughter down the stairs cause she was dating a Black guy and then letting him to go to jail for the murder?. But its an absurd idea to get redemption cause you had an Abortion because you are the ultimate sinner. Come on. Pushing an Agenda much?

Please ban these people from making a movie ever again.

Reviewed by begob 3 / 10

Bumpy ride

Seems to have a solid premise, and it kept me interested for about half an hour. Then the pace dropped and the dialogue fell apart, with lots of irritating Q&A and some lines that any actor would be ashamed to deliver. Apart from the guy who plays the devil with a double helping of blue cheese: "enduring that kind of pain must be unbearable - mwahaha". Yes, that bad.

You end up with cardboard characters in a dumb morality play. Plus the premise becomes confused because the victims start out dead, but then two are alive. Plus those stupid demons. Not only is there nothing new in this, it deteriorates so badly that you can sense the cast losing all conviction.

It is worth waiting to find out why the little girl is in the movie. But too many things have gone wrong by that stage. Totally ham-fisted.

Reviewed by Flow 5 / 10

Slightly better than average.

Sure I've seen plenty with this subject on, yet somehow, Kingdom Come seemed better than most and if not, at least more heartwarming. What makes this a decent production compared to say, Devils's Dozen per example?

Well let's see, the acting, looked good enough, some of the actors actually knew what they were doing. Is the subject original? No. Is the direction taken on a different road? Again, no. But the effects, were decent enough for what they were supposed to do, they didn't try too hard, they worked with what they had, thus one must appreciate the effort put in it. I hate it when a movie tries to compensate on bad effects, or gore, or nudity. Not the case here, don't get me wrong, you'll get your part of nudity, a little blood here and there, but they are important to the story. Overall, I gave it a 5, quite possibly the film will be graded in time with an universal 4.2-4.4 but I wanted to give it a little push. Possibly has to do with the fact that expected very little of it. Anyway I am pleased with it.

Of course for better productions on this gender try Devil or Dead End. Both movies get a solid 7.5-8 on my books.


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