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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gogoschka-1 9 / 10

You will cringe, laugh, cry and hold your breath in shocked disbelief and utter horror: one of the most intense and most touching war films I have ever seen

There's only a handful of so called "war films" I consider to be films about the actual reality of war. HBO's mini-series 'Generation Kill' is probably the most realistic when it comes to the depiction of modern warfare - but 'Kajaki' (also known as 'Kilo Two Bravo') gives it a run for its money: this criminally little seen masterpiece should be considered a modern classic. The production values are fantastic; the cinematography, the script and the direction are absolutely flawless - but you won't notice them. What you will notice is the outstanding ensemble of actors, portraying characters in a way you forget you're watching a movie. They will make you cringe, laugh, cry and hold your breath in shocked disbelief and utter horror.

This film had me literally on the edge of my seat the entire time, but what really grabs you by the gut is not just the suspense and the horror; it's the relationships between these soldiers and how they look out for each other. How close men become when their lives depend on each other has probably rarely been depicted on screen with the intensity and no-bullshît, keep-it-real attitude as is the case here. And knowing that what you're seeing actually happened only adds to the experience (for this film IS an experience). Definitely not the kind of war film that you come across very often. Superb. 9 stars out of 10.

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Reviewed by andrew-289 10 / 10

Visceral, harrowing, tender and funny

Loved this film. I saw it on its first weekend in Portsmouth and it was incredible.

I didn't know the story - but the film is almost unbearably tense and I watched through fingers willing something else to happen but it didn't.

I have never seen a film like this before - it really feels like a totally different way to view war - but horrifically realistic at the same time.

Fantastic film and everyone should see it...

I'm still thinking about the film two days later, and the blokes who were there and also just what it means to be a soldier today. Respect.

Reviewed by Sam Meyer 9 / 10

British love story

Whatever your views on the war in Afghanistan, this film is an absolute must see. It does not seek to glamorise the cause or glorify the British and American forces. It does not say "them bad us good", and conversely it does not say the allies were arrogant pricks, barging in to a country without rhyme or reason. To do so would miss the real point of the film: which is love, love through adversity.

We meet a team of British soldiers holding a position against the Taliban somewhere above the Kajaki dam. However, the presence of the Taliban is merely peripheral and during the course of the film they instead face four very apposite enemies: boredom; incompetence; lack of resources; and a valley full of old Russian land mines. What holds them together through the hardships they endure, both very real and perceived, is love – and lots and lots of banter.

Kajaki does away with the traditional paraphernalia of war films: billowing musical scores, slow-mos, and poignant flashbacks. Quite simply, it doesn't have to, because it isn't one. Instead we are given a film that is clear, crisp and clean; that is relentless, remorseless and uncompromising. The acting is impeccable, the direction and production sublime. It is tense, tragic, uplifting and heart-breaking all at once. Quite simply, it is a love story: love for your country, love for the job, love for your mates. Go see it and be prepared to have your mind blown open by what true love can achieve.

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