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Steven Seagal as John Harrison
Luke Goss as Maj. Tom Jensen
Georges St-Pierre as Bruno Sinclaire
Bruce Crawford as Gary Dentze
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Reviewed by LeParas-1 1 / 10

OMFG, it's him, again...

... while others in this age are already in a nursing home of their choice or enjoying some beers in their local dive bar, another great Sensei Seagull documentary is on the way. We are truly blessed. /cynism OK, guys and girls, nothing to see here, move on. It's just another lame direct to DVD movie of an former actor who recently is just moving from chair to chair. If you want to see something good and really interesting stare at a wall and watch some paint dry. Simple as that! This movie is so bad it's not even worth watching it for free! You have been warned! Don't do it! Just don't! You know how hard it is top write a review consisting of ten lines of text, when you can say everything of this movie in one word? Guess the word, it starts with "S" and ends with "hit". Enough said.

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