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Reviewed by sbaldwin999 7 / 10

Killer Workout

There was a fitness craze in the 80s that probably all started with Olivia Newton John's "Let's get Physical" video… suddenly working out became a cultural thing. People loved to get fit, not necessarily over concern of their heath but more because it was the "cool" thing to do. You see it in movies, TV, fashion trends… and let's not forget the countless celebrity workout tapes with hosts from Fabio to Linnea Quigley. Another thing popular in the 80s was the slasher movie, and although by 1987 they were starting to die out… it was still inevitable that a slasher movie be released that capitalized on the fitness craze sweeping the nation.

Killer Workout AKA Aerobicide is such a movie… and to my knowledge, it still is the only fitness themed slasher movie in existence.

It starts with a semi-shocking mishap in a tanning booth. Then we are immediately thrown into the middle of a workout routine where about 30 gorgeous babes in spandex are getting fit and showing off their tight bodies. This is, essentially, what Killer Workout is about… following a series of murders that take place in this gym (Rhonda's Gym) by a safety pin wielding mad person, then getting to see a sexy workout montage set to corny synth music… over and over….

This is not a bad thing if you are into cheesy b-grade movies like myself. In fact, this is one of the more delightful bad movies I have ever seen. The movie moves at fast pace which keeps your attention. Acting is pretty bad from all parties, but some performances like Marcia Karr's are hilariously over-the-top. Plus, even if the acting is bad, chances are they are still beautiful to look at (you might even see some gratuitous nudity). The plot is pretty uninspired but it works and there are even a few surprising twists towards the end.

All in all, the movie is bad but it has a lot of charm. It offers plenty of laughs and if that is not enough to convince you to see it, the abundance of sexy people working out in spandex might. The movie is also a time capsule that lets us see just how ridiculous the 80s fitness craze got.

In the end, Killer Workout comes highly recommended for the bad movie enthusiast, others might want to stay away.

Reviewed by josh nolan 9 / 10

One of the greatest movies of all time!

Everyone should see Aerobicide (as it is known in England), everything about it is bad therefore, it's good! It's better than good; the gratuitous nudity, the gratuitous close ups of women in lycra, the dumb death scenes, shockingly bad production and acting values, it's a work of suppressed genius! One of the all time great so bad they're good movies every passing minute is a work of art. Top stuff.

Reviewed by slapmonkeyfilms 7 / 10

Working out will never be this fun again

Killer workout or Aero-bicide is a tale of a serial killer who preys on victims in a gym.It incorporates both inventive murders using an oversized safety pin and good looking sweaty bodies grooving to an intense 80s sound track.This movie is so damm bad it is great from the hardnosed detective who is so suspicious and unsympathetic it is truly shocking to the undercover private-eye who doles out beatings to angry gym members.The director truly new what he was doing with explicit shots of workouts after every death(you would have thought they would have shut the gym down but no).Overall it clearly is a must see movie with awfull acting,cliched characters and graphic workout shots,I applaud the maker of this film and just hope more people get the opportunity to see it.

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