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Kevin Hart as Himself
David Terrell as Dapper Guy
David Jason Perez as Disc Jockey
Justine Herron as Angry Light-Skinned Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lwills093 9 / 10

I laughed hard on SOME parts

First let me correct one reviewer here that said half of the movie was spent showing clips of his shows around the world. Not True. I intentionally timed it because I read his review before I saw the movie. It was 7 minutes of a skit that made me laugh. Then it was approximately 6 minutes of showing clips of Kevin's shows from around the world. The rest of the movie was stand up comedy. Although I laughed really hard only on certain parts, the whole movie was entertaining to me and that was my goal: to be entertained. Kevin's brand of comedy can be silly at times, and there is nothing wrong with that, if it makes you laugh, and it did. I can't understand why half the viewers here (Since July 6, 2013) had unfavorable things to say about the movie. As I observed, the audience and the fans around the world are happy with what Mr. Hart does in his act.

Reviewed by dangerousdivot 5 / 10

Wasn't his best stuff

I felt ripped off when comedian Kevin Hart said "thank you and good night" and abruptly ended his routine. I should have waited for this to show up on cable or the bootleg (just kidding about the bootleg). I paid money for a 75-minute stand-up comedy movie whose first 25 minutes feature no stand-up comedy whatsoever. Minus credits, that's ~45 minutes of jokes, several of which are only mildly funny, not his normally funny. The film opens with an unfunny party scene Hart shows clip after clip of his tours from around the world. Not ONE of these clips features Hart telling a single joke. Instead, it's him saying "thank you (fill in the location)" and just more clips of fans and Hart's entourage sleeping on a bus. It goes on so long that I almost walked out. I didn't need a Kevin Hart commercial to prove he was a big funny star. I knew this that's why I bought tickets to see his stand-up. I think Kevin Hart is hilarious; this just wasn't his best material. Hart used the N-word way too much for my taste, but that's the price you pay for a lot of black comedy. I guess they feel that appeals to their mostly urban crowd / audience.

Reviewed by nford8605 1 / 10

Why is this guy so popular??

This performance was so bad that I felt the need to create an IMDb account just so I can warn anyone who is thinking of buying this. I really do not understand what all the hype is with Kevin Hart. All he does is ramble and scream about nonsense. His delivery is wildly erratic and his material is just not good. Not to mention his ego is the size of Madison square garden and that is evident through the entire performance. I might have cracked a few smiles but that is it, not one laugh throughout the entire performance. If there was a option to give a star lower then a 1 I'd do it, seriously. Where in the hell is Dave Chapelle at when we need him?? Now that's a true comedic genius.

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    A7MAD007 August 22, 2016 at 01:36:50 am

    That was so hilarious,epic,and so funny .... man that was Awesome ... l really love it