Just My Luck


Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

Just My Luck (2006) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 44284  


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Lindsay Lohan as Ashley Albright
Chris Pine as Jake Hardin
Missi Pyle as Peggy Braden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DemiTaySel 10 / 10


I loved this movie, then again i guess i am in it's target audience. I love Lindsay Lohan's work, and saw Chris Pine in the princess diaries, so i guess i was always gonna love the story anyway. I loved the way Lindsay as Ashley had everything then lost it. I think that one critic said this movie was bad, and they all agreed with him! They aren't the target audience and they should remember that! The story basically is that Ashley (Lindsay) has everything then looses it in one kiss to bad luck magnet Jake (Chris), which turns out Ashley being unlucky and Jake getting all the luck. If i had to say something bad about the movie it wud only b that McFly don't hav to be in it to make the story work, it cud have been any band. But keep up the gd work, Lindsay, and ignore the things they say about you!

Reviewed by chibiusa3 10 / 10

I loved Just My Luck

There were so many factors that made me smile all through the movie. When I bought a ticket along with my sister, I entered the theather's doors not knowing what to expect. I have loved watching Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls and Chris Pine in the Princess Diaries 2, but seeing them together in one movie was bliss. Although you don't see Ashlee(Lohan) and Jake(Pine)communicate until like 30 minutes into the movie, you can't help but try and push them into a FAITHFUL situation. Not just that but I loved seeing Ashlee's friends stick by her through it all. With comedy and romance, this movie made laugh and wish I had my boyfriend close by. I especially loved how the movie ended, sweet and with a great message.

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