Just a Little Harmless Sex


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Just a Little Harmless Sex (1998) download yts

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

He says, she says

Alan (Robert Mailhouse) and Laura (Alison Eastwood) are married. After a night at the strip club with the boys, Alan picks up a stranded motorist. She turns out to be a hooker and he gets arrested for a bj. Laura throws him out. Brent (William Ragsdale) and Danny (Jonathan Silverman) are his friends. Allison (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) and Terrianne (Jessica Lundy) are her friends. Danny considers that it is "Just A Little Harmless Sex".

This is a lot of he says, she says. The structure is too static which makes it kinda boring. The dialog ranges from sitcom level to rom-com level to sometimes a little deeper. While I love most of these actors, Danny is a superficial douche and Brent is also one to a lesser extent. Alan and Laura are a bit too bland. Allison holds some potential because of her feelings. In the end, there is no compelling story and there is simply no tension.

Reviewed by skippityroo 7 / 10

Not bad for a late night cable movie

I liked this movie shown in 2007 on free to air TV here and viewed by myself while googling and jpeg stealing. It did the trick for me, i thought it was a 7 I got a couple of really good laughs and the story was consistent.Good characters. Possibly if you try to take this movie too seriously then you just don't get it. Could this movie become a black comedy classic in years to come? I was intrigued by the chefs surprise and the whole music thing was real good ...I thought the soundtrack was fine, in fact i wanted all of the main characters to be my friends, you know, i'd be hangin out with em and stuff and that the whole movie was one big tongue in cheek giggle for 90mins or so.Some of those Jinks club scenes were almost tiltshift and i think there's maybe a touch of Friends in there also the way they're all sharing their secrets as they're getting drunker. I am certainly glad i happened to see it. As for there being a few that didn't like it i can understand that. Tell me the truth you guys, you didn't like Hudson Hawk either right?

Reviewed by guyb 2 / 10

Prophylactic Intolerance

This movie was very painful to watch. The plot was not new, the acting was on par with average TV sitcoms and the characters were not very likeable. This could have been boiled down to a half hour wednesday night on ABC and not wasted my time. I rented this video based on "two thumbs up by Siskel and Ebert

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