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Benjamin Hollingsworth as Mickey Cole
Kirsten Prout as Jewel McCaul
Sara Mitich as Candy
Jesse Hutch as Jordan Wells
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nebk 3 / 10

Mostly Joyless

I was hoping that this film would at least try to emulate the suspense of first Joy Ride movie but alas it is by the numbers gore fest about a psychotic trucker killing anyone whom he perceives has wronged him in some way or other. Whilst there were sparks of promise ultimately the movie lacks an interesting plot and story and relies on gore and blood spattering to carry it through. And it doesn't work.

In a nutshell this movie is about a bunch of friends and members of a car racing team going to Canada for a race. One of the team members overtakes a truck and sends gravel onto the truck bonnet and front grill. In the truckers book this is an automatic death sentence and he goes on a killing spree eliminating the group members in highly implausible ways. That's about it. The movie starts to drag on once you realize there is hardly any suspense. Another problem is that in the first Joy Ride film, the trucker was a menacing presence and a person who felt wronged and was seeking revenge however misguided. In this film the trucker is just psychopathic and just wants to kill. The fact that the psycho trucker is able to overtake a race car is also doubtful to say the least. The actions of the main characters are also implausible. They basically avoid asking for police assistance for the dumbest of reasons: that they are afraid of going to jail... Completely unreasonable given the context.

The acting is basically OK for a bunch of unknown actors and the effects are decent enough for a low budget movie, but overall this is a mostly forgettable movie that doesn't have much to offer in terms of suspense or a story line.

Reviewed by Tony Heck 4 / 10

Exactly what you would expect from the third movie in a series that didn't need a sequel to begin with.

"You don't want to take that road, trust me." A group of street racers head off to a race and they stop in a small town for lunch. While there they ask what the quickest way to get to their destination is. When they are told to avoid the fast road because of its history they laugh and take it anyway. As a joke they decide to cut off a truck driver. This little action pits them against the dangerous Rusty Nail (Kirzinger). There really isn't a whole lot to say about this movie. The original was good and tense because it was new and different. A harmless prank that you could see yourself doing leads to something no one can imagine. Much like everything in the last 10 years if enough people like it a franchise begins. The second one was a bland version of the original and this one isn't much better. The thing that made the first one so interesting was the originality of it. This one has no surprises at all and you can see everything coming a mile away. All that said though because this is the third movie in the series and since it is a straight to video B-rate movie you really can't expect much more then that. Overall, exactly what you would expect from the third movie in a series that didn't need a sequel to begin with. I give this a C.

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