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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris Gaskin 7 / 10

Is Uranus surrounded by clouds of poison gas?

I have just managed to acquire a VHS copy of Journey to the Seventh Planet and found this movie quite enjoyable, despite reading some bad reviews about it.

A party travelling on an expedition to Uranus discover a strange world and strange goings on when they land there. What each crew member thinks of appears, including beautiful women. A giant brain is the cause of all these strange happenings. We also see a strange cyclops-rat-dinosaur monster. After a couple of the crew are killed and the giant brain blown up, the party heads back to earth.

The cyclops monster is certainly strange looking and was done in stop-motion by Jim Danforth.

Apart from sci fi regular John Agar (Tarantula, Attack of the Puppet People), most of the cast are unknowns although Dainish actor Carl Ottosen appeared in Reptilicus.

This movie is worth a look at, just for that cyclops monster.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5.

Reviewed by bmk0 6 / 10

I can't see why Ray Bradbury didn't sue these people for stealing "Mars is Heaven"

Am I wrong here, or is this plot basically the same as the Ray Bradbury story? I couldn't find any reference to Bradbury on the IMDb entry for this movie.

I know Bradbury did resolve a similar conflict over "The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms". Aside from that, I always enjoy John Agar movies, I wish more of them were available on DVD, "The Mole People", "Tarantula", and "Attack of the Puppet People", for example.

There is also a thin similarity to the Star Trek Season One episode "Shore Leave"

Otherwise, I'm happy to have this movie in my SciFi collection.

Reviewed by CelluloidTime 8 / 10

Where no man has gone before?

This film might have had a major influence on the original Star Trek series which followed, as a number of the story's elements would later be used in more than a dozen Star Trek episodes. The entire film had a Star Trek feel to it (sans Spock and The Enterprise). The manner in which a small group of space travelers walk around a claustrophobic set is a technique replicated numerous times on the original Star Trek series. It wasn't a given that Gene Rodenberry would depict alien planets in that same manner. Surprisingly, this is actually a very good little movie. While it may seem silly and amateurish set alongside "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Star Wars", for its time it was a nicely produced film.

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