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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zif ofoz 9 / 10

1 weekend - 5 guys

The brief summary given about this story creates a different idea in ones head than what the movie actually delivers. And what the movie offers is a story of four complex guys that have come together to help Joshy get past his depression over the death of his fiancé. And as the weekend of trying to have fun evolves we learn that Joshy is just one of the guys having his own problem. Each one must deal with his own emotional self and girlfriend relationship disappointments.

Joshy must deal with the death of his girlfriend, Ari questions his marriage, Alex gets dumped by his girlfriend of ten years, Eric has commitment issues, and Greg can't seem to find a girlfriend. Each character keeps his feelings bottled up except Alex who tries to rationalize his feelings and is willing to talk to anyone who will listen.

The term 'male bonding' has been used to describe this movie but I believe it has nothing to do with bonding. Four of the five are close friends from the start and Greg was the 'guy who came along for the fun'. The story is actually about trying to avoid the issues at hand through booze, drugs, and strippers! Then near the end the five are forced by circumstance to come to terms with themselves and deal with life as best as one can.

This is a talky movie and each actor does an excellent job at being the character they were cast to be. My favorite was Ari & Jodi - they seemed so perfect together as a couple. Director/writer: Jeff Baena succeeds in creating a story of what life is like more-so in reality than what we want it to be.

Reviewed by mr-roboto-kilroy 1 / 10

A Few Good Actor, But A Very Bad Movie

First off let me say that there are a few good, but not great actors in this movie. Whom I like in other TV Shows and Movies. So I thought that I might like this one. I was sadly mistaken. This movie didn't seem to have a scripted. It was like a non-funny "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" episode. I'm guessing the director just gave the actors a bio on each of their characters and let them improvise their lines. It's an interesting concept that didn't work. I really wanted to like this movie. I honestly tried to keep an open mind. It was just a chaotic mess right from the first. There was no part in the movie that I found funny, humorous or slightly witty. Don't wast your time on this one.

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