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Susie Abromeit as Susan Foster
Patrick Warburton as Foggle / Guardian Angel
Brittany Daniel as Brandy / 1965 Ashleen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jfcamden 1 / 10

I saw this movie for free and I still want a refund

Now I know why this didn't get a theatrical release. It's full of the worst thing a comedy can have: awkward, dead air. The first was stupid, low-brow humor, but it was really funny. This one made me want to stop watching after twenty minutes. Not only were the jokes not very funny, I feel like there weren't many of them. Most of it was awkward conversations. The movie would also randomly focus on characters other than Joe Dirt, and they weren't funny. You might chuckle a couple times but the humor is nowhere near as consistent as the original.If you liked the first one, don't watch it. If you didn't like the first one, definitely don't watch it. Just don't watch it.

Reviewed by sinisachejim 1 / 10

Bad,bad movie...

This was a bad,bad movie... Completely awful, I don't even know where to begin. I really liked the first one, the story was cool, jokes were excellent, had that Adam Sandler humor going on. But this one - nothing. Absolutely nothing. I haven't had one laugh throughout the whole movie. They've managed to put in,at least 3 minutes long,"farting in the face" scene on the very beginning of the movie. And it got even worse after that!!! Farting, nuts stuck in the toilet scene, farting,dick in the popcorn scene, farting, boobs, gay jokes, boobs, farting... Such a shame what they did with this movie. You can see that even the actors don't give a damn,they don't even try to make it better. What a nasty way to take people's money!

In the end - nothing made any sense, especially why i watched it whole the way through.I just feel more stupid now!

I don't recommend it, don't watch it! Better take a two hour nap or something, it will be a time better spent!

Reviewed by Shawn McGrath 6 / 10

I'll take it

It is hard to make a sequel to a movie like Joe Dirt 14 years later. The story of Joe was very much summed up in the 1st film. But the fans wanted more and more is what they got. This movie follows the path of the original. Similar if not the same Jokes. It pays homage to the 1st film giving signature words and phrases from Christopher Walken and David Spade. The production quality is there. The score is there. The cinematography and the color could be better in my opinion but that is just one mans opinion. If I had went and paid to see this film at the theater as I did to "Dumb & Dumber to" I would have been just as disappointed. However it was a free film and so like the title says. I will take it. I will watch it, I will enjoy it & I am sure I will watch it again. Because sometimes it is just plain good to see a character or characters come to life again on your screen. Whatever screen that may be.

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