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Christopher Walken as Gyp DeCarlo
Kathrine Narducci as Frankie's Mother
Francesca Eastwood as Waitress #1
James Madio as Stosh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James 10 / 10

Our Eyes Adored it....our hearts ached for more

Great movie...great music...great actors...what more could you ask for. I knew Eastwood began his life as a musician, but I didn't think he would do such a great job with a pseudo-musical. Great job Mr. Eastwood!

I've never seen the musical, but I gotta tell you, if you love 60's, 70's & 80's Frankie Valli songs, your eyes too will adore this movie... and your ears... and your heart... and the entire rest of your body.

It was heartbreaking at times...and I got chills several times while finding out how they came-up with some of their the death of his daughter. But, it was also very insightful into the lives of kids with dreams and how committed one has to be to make it in the music industry.

If I could give this movie a higher score I would. Our theater was packed-full and everyone clapped afterwards like we were watching a living bio-pic. I even saw a few people with tears in their eyes from being so deeply affected by the beautiful music and memories in this many great memories...that the songs take you back to.

Reviewed by ssweet-26-519348 9 / 10

Makes you love their Music All over Again

Going into the movie I knew and liked the Four Season's music, but was unsure if I would like the movie (it would not have been my first or second pick to go see). However, I was able to see an early viewing of the film and took advantage of it. I must say I LOVED it. It had all of the songs I loved. The film has the right amount of humor when needed. I have not seen the Broadway show version. If you like their music it is worth going just for that as it is a mix of recordings from the Four Seasons and also recordings from the cast. While it is rated R for language, I did not find it excessive. Erich Bergen's performance stood out for me.

I have never seen a Clint Eastwood film that he has been either a producer or director. I was wary about seeing the film, but must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would Recommend this film

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