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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Peter Mensah as Sgt. Brodski
David Cronenberg as Dr. Wimmer
Lexa Doig as Rowan
Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees / Uber-Jason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by preppy-3 7 / 10

Jason in Space!

Basic plot: It's 2455 and Jason is loose on a spaceship killing a bunch of brainless, annoying 20 somethings.

Critics have been merciless on attacking this. Why? It's the 9th sequel to "Friday the 13th". What were they expecting? "Gone With the Wind"? For what it is, this is very good.

The plot is old, no characterizations, and the killings aren't really all that interesting (except for one at the beginning which was GREAT). Also it has an annoying tendancy to have characters say some really stupid jokes WHILE they're dying!!! The acting is totally horrendous--the worst I've ever seen in a "Friday..." film. I realize that's saying alot but it's true! All the cliches are squarely in place including the dialogue ("Get your people out of there!" "We're all safe here." "He's finally dead."). Basically this is so bad it's funny! Also, surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. It had it's dull moments but the characters, acting and lines were so funny...

So is is scary? No. Is it a good movie? No. Is it fun? VERY. So far the best bad/good movie of 2002.

Extra bonus--Some of the WORST jokes I've ever heard in a movie.

Reviewed by GL84 10 / 10

Fun, entertaining and highly enjoyable

Retrieving a relic of Jason Voorhees frozen in time, a group of students studying in the future find themselves stalked through their space-station home by the reawakened killer and must use the technology of the time to stop him.

This was an absolutely fantastic entry, one of the more enjoyable and exciting entries in the series. The best part of this is the extremely high-impact action scenes, which generate the best times here. With the initial rampage through the ship resulting in a lot of cheesy goodness to come the scenes set in the futuristic landscape, the great shoot-outs both with the soldiers and the cyborg getting into the proceedings as well to generate even more good times with this one. The inclusion of the soldiers allows for some incredibly fun times as well, with a spectacular stalking scene in a cargo-bay that generates some fine deaths and great suspense, as well as getting the action requirements out very nicely. With a bit of subtle comedy here and there, a rather unique change in appearance that suits the film's more Sci-Fi leanings perfectly, a few nice odes to the others in the series and a total tongue-in-cheek attitude, there's not a lot wrong here and it really only comes down to personal tolerance of the cheese to find any flaws here. It's a lot of fun regardless.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity, and a short sex scene.

Reviewed by Peter Cook 6 / 10

Entertaining, if nothing else

Jason X is an entertaining blend of horror, sci-fi and comedy, though the film doesn't go very far in any of the three categories alone. The best way to view this film is to simply not expect it to deliver anything and just sit back and enjoy it for what it is: a slasher flick! And for being that, it is quite amusing. The comedy in the film does succeed considerably more than other slasher flicks which try to incorporate comedy into the mix. At least I thought so. Really, I just enjoyed this film cuz I had nothing better to do when I watched it and was in the mood for something... well, stupid. That's what it is, and for being stupid, it's fun. Sometimes it's fun to be dumb. 6/10

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