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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Drive_Angry_99 10 / 10

Scary and disturbing

'It follows', a Dave Mitchell feature presented at Cannes, is a truly disturbing movie that starts from a very simple premise.

Teenager Jay lives in a nameless Midwest town, and one day someone 'passes' 'it' to her. And then the following begins...

The very first scene caught me completely by surprise on how disturbing it was, and sets the bar high on this movie, showing that the director has no remorse in punching below the belt - and you will thank him for that by the time credits roll.

The movie makes an incredibly savvy use of sound, which is almost a character on its own, as well as the desolate settings shot in Detroit.

Actors give an understated performance that is even stronger, given how horrific is everything that is going on. And the followers... when I got home I had to make sure that there were at least two doors open in my room!

Make yourself a favor and go and see this, it is a fantastic summer scare.

Reviewed by pedroluq 8 / 10

What a great idea!

Over 300 reviews, high score and meta-score in a 2 million budget film, that alone should make you watch it. This movie shows a great idea, very simple and elegant, for a horror movie, of course. And it's all around good, well played, good sound effects, more suspense, less gore, it has all the elements you expect in a horror movie, and at the same time it is not cliché. The real highlight here is the director, this movie is exceptionally well directed, I mean frames and shot composition makes the movie jump from the screen. If you like horror and not gore movies, watch it. Yes, the movie is a bit slow at first, but it didn't bored me at all.

Reviewed by Greg (<a class= 8 / 10


Unique. That is the word that first comes to mind after a screening of David Robert Mitchell's It Follows which has now shown twice to accepting audiences at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. It Follows is the story about a sexually transmitted haunting. Let me repeat that sentence so that in sinks in a little bit. It Follows is the story about a sexually transmitted haunting. The haunting is all too real for teenager Jay (Maika Monroe). After a brief sexual encounter with a new boyfriend, Jay is haunted by ghosts that only she can see. Their intentions are not clear, but an opening scene of a disfigured young girl on the beach reveals to the audience that the ghosts are violently inclined. The carrier that inflicted Jay with the haunting reveals to her and her inner circle that the ghosts will be relentless until they kill Jay. He goes on to disclose that the ghosts can only walk to their prey. So if you can run, drive or speed away from them it might buy you minutes, hours or even days until they catch up. The only way to pass on the haunting is to have sex with another and this knowledge torments Jay while intriguing the two male suitors that are part of her friendship ring. Whether Jay can pass on the hauntings enough so that she herself is safe and whether her friends will play a part in her survival is the crux of the film that hearkens back to the glory years of horror where blood and guts were not paraded out in gore porn glory. Director David Robert Mitchell confidently maintains the integrity of the story without the lure of upping the body count for the purpose of appeasing a microwave horror generation that wants its blood and wants it thick. In fact, the body count is so low in It Follows that a leper can count them on one hand. This lack of blood and guts however only adds to the atmosphere that is thick and complimented by one of the best musical scores for a horror film that we have relished since the early John Carpenter years. The idea is truly original and its execution is brilliant in its simplicity. An experiment which attempts to destroy the ghost reminded us slightly of 1981's The Entity (in which Barbara Hershey was raped by a sexually abusive spirit) but It Follows maintains its originality to the end. In a Hollywood world where horror films are stereotypically deformed serial killers who randomly kill high school students on the brink of sexual revelation, It Follows is a breath of fresh air that is worthy of a high recommendation. Unique indeed.

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