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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Andrews 7 / 10

They Don´t Make Such Movies Any More!

Invasion U.S.A. starts just off the coast of Florida where a boat carrying a load of illegal immigrants as well as a lot of cocaine is stopped by a official U.S. coast guard vessel, however it's a trap & evil mercenary Mikhail Rostov (Richard Lynch) shoots everyone dead & steals the coke. Mikhail them uses the coke to buy an arsenal of weaponry from a drug dealer (Billy Drago) which he then uses to arm a squad of terrorists who then travel around America blowing anything & everything up they come across, just randomly shooting people & generally causing bloody havoc & mayhem. Now Rostov is only afraid of one thing special forces agent Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris) who he tries to assassinate but Rosotv makes three basic mistakes, Rostov blows Hunter's house up, he kills Hunter's best mate & foolishly doesn't check to make sure Hunter is dead which he isn't. It's personal for Hunter now as he plans to kill all the terrorists & Rostov all by himself...

Directed by Joseph Zito this is pretty silly stuff but highly entertaining if your in the right mood. The script by James Bruner & star Chuck Norris has an absolutely preposterous concept that the US is being invaded by a bunch of terrorists & the only thing that can stop them isn't the might of it's armed forces, the police or any other Government organisation but one man army Chuck Norris in his pick up truck, it's a premise I found highly amusing actually & as a result I couldn't take the film seriously but what they hell when it's this much fun & there's this much wanton unnecessary destruction on show who cares? Invasion U.S.A. is the sort of 80's action film which embraces the principal that if one bullet is all it takes why not use fifty? Or if a grenade will do why not just use a rocket launcher? This is over-the-top macho testosterone fuelled nonsense with enough gun fights, explosions, tanks, soldiers, terrorists, vehicular mayhem, deaths, violence, huge guns & rocket launchers along with a plot that moves so fast you don't have time to think about all the pot holes in it. This one takes itself pretty seriously although Norris does get one or two one-liners although overall he gets very little dialogue, since Norris co-wrote the script I would assume he knew his limitations in the fact he can't act at all so just let his character do what he himself does best & kick the bad guys butts. The script also never explains the motivations behind Rostov & his terrorists except that they are working for someone else who are never revealed. Oh & one more thing, what happened to Chuck's pet Armidillo?!

Director Zito does a good job & keeps the action coming thick & fast, this has a huge body count & features plenty of mindless destruction which is what we all want really. The action is well staged & it looks to have had a sizable amount of money behind it. This is one of those films where no-one ever seems to have to reload their weapons especially rocket launchers which only hold one rocket at time...

With a supposed budget of about $10,000,000 there's a lot of bang on screen for the money, this was Norris's fifth film for Canon & was probably made at the height of his fame which is why it's decent, has good production values & is well made. The acting isn't great, Lynch is an OK villain, a reporter Melissa Prophet turns up occasionally & then totally disappears about 20 minutes before it finishes while it was probably a very good decision to not give Chuck himself any dialogue expect for the odd one-liner & I thought Billy Drago was killed off far too early.

Invasion U.S.A. is a top 80's action film, while not as good as some it's right up there & maybe the best thing Norris has done along with Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990), definitely worth a watch.

Reviewed by BroadswordCallinDannyBoy 3 / 10

Entertaining in parts due to its absurdity, but overall it's INCREDIBLY stupid

A crazy terrorist named Rostov thinks that Americans don't value their freedom. Since they are in no danger of really losing it, Rostov decides to attack the USA with a bunch of mercenaries. He proceeds to demolish towns and instill terror. He then blows up Chuck Norris's house and frightens Chuck's pet baby armadillo. Big mistake, Rostov. BIG FRIGGIN' MISTAKE!

From the title you can only manage to expect an overblown macho action-fest and that is precisely what this is. Schwarzenegger had 'Commando' also in 1985 and Stallone came out with a similar vehicle in 'Cobra' the next year. The idea of one guy taking out hordes of bad guys with his trusty weapon of choice - a pair of uzis with unlimited ammo in this case - is here much like in the aforementioned films.

Interesting is the not-so-subtle presentation of uber-patriotism. Chuck Norris wears all blue, drives American cars, lives in the American wetlands of Florida and so on. While the badguys speak with their ridiculous foreign accents, use much different and presumably foreign weapons and even drive non-American cars even if they acquire them in America. Was this intentional? Well that doesn't matter actually, because it is played out to no effect.

What does matter is the film's absurdity. The film begins with a laughably goofy set-up for a political thriller and ends up being a series of loosely connected action scenes with Chuck making his heroic appearance and taking out the badguys with the very bomb they intended to plant. One scene where Chuck saves a school bus will literally have you laughing on the floor for how stupid it is. If you think you have seen "so bad it's funny" then see this film - it is so bad it's... um... very funny!

The only real highlights (things that are actually good for real) are Richard Lynch's turn as the villain. It is a delightfully stereotypical villain role, but it was sadly underused. Ah-nuld's 'Commando' made much better use of it's goofy villains, premise, and overall feel making it an equally stupid, but much more satisfying film in the end. The other thing is the premise at hand here - an attack on America. Uber-patriotic crap aside, that could make for a good and interesting thriller. What the film makers here didn't realize that that idea (as with any worthy thriller) is going to take more than 5 minutes to develop into a screenplay.

Also of note would have to be the film's gun-play. In most action movies people don't aim when shooting, but they at least try to look it and essentially most decent action films get away with that. Here, not only do people don't aim, they don't even look like their trying. There is actually a scene where the badguys storm into a building (that's empty) and just shoot everything. Maybe they thought they were in the AOL customer service office. Damn. 3/10

Rated R: violence and profanity

Reviewed by Woodyanders 10 / 10

Nothing new to add.

Our country is in big trouble: a ragtag multi-ethnic guerrilla army of nefarious Communist terrorists led by no-account Russian psycho Rostov (veteran screen villain Richard Lynch in peak nasty'n'snarly form) have washed up on the Florida coast. These horrible scumbuckets first slaughter a boat full of helpless Cuban refugees. Next they butcher a libidinous teen couple making out on the beach. Then they blow up six suburban houses populated by folks merrily celebrating the yuletide holiday with a single rocket launcher. They even gun down nice Latino youths. Worse yet, they have the appalling gall to attack a mall at the height of the Christmas shopping season. Why, these foul scum not only attempt to blow up a church holding a mass, but also a school bus loaded with little children happily singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

But have no fear, good Americans. Thankfully we got Matt Hunter (legendary martial arts champion and hopelessly wooden thespian Chuck Norris, who co-wrote the senseless script) to save the day. Who's Matt Hunter? Well, apparently he's some kind of former government agent, although we never are told any specific details about his background. Does it matter? Not in the least. Moreover, Hunter has the magical ability to materialize seemingly out of thin air in his souped-up pick-up truck whenever he's needed to stomp some evil commie butt. Nonstop wall-to-wall mondo destructo ultra-violent carnage is the order of the day here. And boy does director Joseph Zito really pour it on thick, blowing up lots of stuff real good, staging insanely go-for-broke vehicular action sequences with rip-snorting aplomb, and racking up an astonishingly hefty body count. Better still, both Joao Fernandes's slick photography and Jay Chattaway's robust, rousing score are up to snuff, Melissa Prophet gives a spectacularly terrible performance as a spunky, yet troublesome lady reporter, Eddie Jones just takes up space as a useless FBI agent, Billy Drago briefly pops up as a slimy drug dealer, the basic overwrought tone represents Reagan era Red Scare paranoia at its most ludicrously hysterical, and Norris cuts loose with a steady series of truly groan-inducing cheesy quips every time he commits a heroic feat. Now, is this film any good? No, it most certainly ain't. In fact, it's exceptionally bad, stupid and utterly mindless. But there's no denying that it's a great deal of so-totally-dreadful-it's-oddly-delectable Grade Z schlocky fun. A real four star high camp 80's trash movie hoot and a half.

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