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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 97%
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Martin Starr as Perry Cuttner
Beth Riesgraf as Anna Rook
Rory Culkin as Dan Cooper
Joshua Mikel as Vance
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Flow 6 / 10

Deadly home. Intruders. Shut in.

And overall fun! After reading the comments I expected a complete letdown and yet, had quite the fun with it.

Intruders is a far better movie than some with the same subject. In my opinion it's better than The Strangers, not relying on torture porn, but offering a plot instead. The character development is nice, I think that hated ending by all makes more sense if you take in consideration that she is now alone.

I will recommend this little gem to any horror fan out there looking for a nice way to spend around 90 minutes. Intruders is one of the good ones, no masterpiece, but keeps you in front of the screen for the entire ride.


Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10

Breaking in is easy; getting out is hard.

Three thieves break into a house believing the place to be empty while its owner Anna (Beth Riesgraf) attends the funeral of her brother. What they don't realise is that Anna suffers from such severe agoraphobia that she couldn't bring herself to go, and is still in the house. When they run into Anna, the gang decide that they cannot allow her to live, since she has seen their faces, but killing her isn't as easy as they thought, the house holding more than a few unpleasant surprises for the burglars.

Intruders (AKA Shut In) starts off in standard home invasion mode, but takes an unexpected turn when Anna's house is revealed to be loaded with gadgets and secret rooms, the agoraphobe able to keep track of the thieves via hidden cameras. What warped motive could Anna possibly have for such bizarre home improvements? Unfortunately, not as warped as I had hoped…

What follows is a frustratingly humdrum horror when it could so easily have been a thoroughly demented slice of cult craziness. When Anna trips her first trap, I immediately thought of Wes Craven's bonkers The People Under The Stairs, which had an incestuous shotgun-toting loony in a gimp suit, but there's nothing so weird in this film—just a few mundane killings and a revelation that ain't all that shocking. It's a slickly directed and well acted piece, reasonably entertaining for the duration, but it could have been so much more.

Reviewed by Peter Lorme 5 / 10

A Solid, But Flawed Indie Thriller

Intruders (2015) is a solid, but flawed indie thriller. I went into this movie with extremely low expectations. I thought it would be terrible. While the movie isn't great, it still exceeded my expectations. The acting was alright, but the slow buildup kept the movie engaging. The pacing was steady, and kept the movie flowing.The plot twist wasn't anything special, but at least is wasn't mindbogglingly stupid, it was tolerable. My big problem with this movie is its repetitiveness. The dialogue repeats itself many times, making it extremely painful at certain points. Still, the direction of this film is adequate, the setting is sufficient, and overall, this is an all right movie. It's nothing remarkable, but it is certainly not terrible.

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