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Johnny Depp as Wolf
Emily Blunt as Baker's Wife
Anna Kendrick as Cinderella
Meryl Streep as Witch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by louis-199-700563 1 / 10

Very disappointed. Begins good but then downhill and keeps getting worst.

Very disappointed. Begins good but then downhill and keeps getting worst. At one point you may find yourself wondering if some of the long musicals are just to fill up time. Nobody can spoil this movie since the ending makes no sense. Seems like the ending was more about indoctrinating kids that wrong and right don't exist. I enjoyed the beginning and how multiple stories are integrated logically. But, around the middle it seems like all the steam is lost and as if they just did whatever to finish it by ming the songs longer and they just loosing all creativity. Seriously, while the beginning had creativity the end did not. It was as if they lost the script and began ad-libbing everything. Not only did I not like it but my kids hatted it also. My wife did not like it and my mother fell asleep.

Reviewed by jlockwood30 1 / 10

Save your money

For those who liked the play save your money and go see the play. This film was a poor adaptation with maddening unsympathetic characters. The extreme efforts and great acting of individuals could not make up for the horrible script, pedophilia and rape undertones, and horrible moral guidance. The songs are all sung in the near same tone and were poorly integrated with the action. This is the first film in 30 years I've wanted to throw my drink at, yell boo, and leave. I gutted out the last of the film to give an honest review. The film was so horrible it motivated me to open an account and review it. The premise was interesting and brought me in. The cast kept me sitting, hoping it got better. I can't get that time back. A very poor film for children, annoying and maddening for adults. With plot holes and inexplicable insertions. The cast tried their hardest and individually acted well but the film direction, production, script, and song lyrics made for a horrible product. The visuals were the only redeeming value. And not to spoil but the moral lessons are questionable at best.

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