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Luke Goss as Viktor
Stephen Marcus as Traffikant
Ray Panthaki as Franco
Adrian Bouchet as Brett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by knarf00785 8 / 10

Raw and Enjoyable Watch

The movie delivered in parts and mainly in the parts that matter. Generally the acting across the film showed some good performances and there were enough of these to hold the film together. For me it distances itself from other films in the 'hitman' space by not trying to masquerade as something it not. As with many low budget films it could be enhanced with investment time and resources, but we truly need these types of films within the industry. In fact, the challenge of not having the capital forces those involved to focus on the basics. This film delivers with a refreshing attempt to portray its characters and deal with a fast moving complex plot. The director has shown potential for delivering raw and hard hitting material. I'd like to say the film rocks, without making references to those who may have had alternative careers in the past. Seriously, a good film well made, with everything in place to make this an enjoyable watch.

Reviewed by Tony Clarke 8 / 10

Good solid thriller, makes you think

Gotta say anyone that rates this movie less than 6 needs their head testing. It's low budget but it's the best low budget flick I've seen in a long time. Luke Goss is awesome. The kid that plays him as a boy is really good. the rest of the cast are pretty good too.

The story really makes you think. If you can't do that you're not going to like it. and I never saw the ending coming and i can normally guess. clever the way it all came together.

It's a gritty and believable story

Agree with moby1974 on what the director has achieved with the budget. Like to see what he could do with more money. one to watch definitely.

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