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Julia Benson as Sara Ward
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Reviewed by vyper-kaos 9 / 10


This movie had me guessing where it was going. Yes it's a "WWE" film which comes attached with a certain stigma so people will judge it without giving it the time.

The acting is good not great but that's not to say that certain actors outshine the rest in particular the interactions between "Edge" and the antagonist which is more philosophical than we get in most "Hollywood" movies these days.

The production values are decent not over the top and the story is solid. It's more than just a run of the mill action movie. I would say if you have the time give this movie a chance you might actually enjoy it more than you think.

Reviewed by brainwerx-1 5 / 10

how can this title have 9.5 with no release and no reviews

I've given it a 5 out of 10 simply because I have not seen it. It also appears that I'm the first to review this title. Don't get me wrong. I saw Adam Copeland in Haven and The Flash, he is extremely likable and not a bad actor. But, to give a movie that has not been released that score seems a little iffy. If not a downright lie.

Frankly, these movies, to me are a little boring and procedural. There's no guess work involved in these movies. You can usually spot the villain and the reasoning pretty quickly. The bottom-line, these kinds of movies and shows are easy to write and very formulaic. It doesn't necessarily mean it will be a bad movie. Simply reading the summary gives me enough of an indication how it will go and how it will play out. There's never any real tension, since you know that good guys will never die. If any of these shows actually did have one of the main characters die during the course of the movie, that would be a great change of pace and would make these things watchable.

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